Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cuckold's read this now.

I have some new cuckold lines at Talksugar, and I expect My loser cuckolds to start calling and leaving wonderful feedback for ME.

If you please ME, I have a wonderful treat for you. If I see you have called My recordings and glowing feedback, or have called My live Cuckold listing and left glowing feedback, I will let you listen in on a call between Me and My STUD, Master Taylor.

Ask pantywimprob, he has heard Master Taylor already.

ps. pantywimprob earned another pair of panties from Me, and is just waiting for them now. After a very long wait, I have finally sent them to pantywimprob. I am sure he will be wearing them soon.

Here is the link to My LIVE cuckold listing, call it!

Live Cuckold Line

Here is the link to My LIVE cuckold listing, call it!

Recorded cuckold listing

I have been asked to make more cuckold recordings, and will do so once I see lots of feedback for me at Talksugar.

Now go and please this Mistress.

Mistress Cassie


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sissy Training by Mistress Cassie

you have 3 days left before I go on vacation.
you know what to do.

Mistres Cassie

oh, and ps. vote once a day by clicking this link. it counts as one vote for MY website. vote, and I will love you forever.
Vote for PhoneSEXmania

oh, and you can call me at:

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Mistress Cassie

Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Sissy Training Recording

Sissy Shopping List

I have taken the time to make a sissy shopping list recording for all the 'just starting out' sissy girls, as well as all the other sissies out there who really need to update their 'things', or just want to go shopping.

Its important to feel and look good, especially feminine and pretty. I know alot of sissies only dress when they have 'privacy'... well, don't you think that especially for those situations, you should dress your very best? I do.

For the lucky sissies who come and go as pretty as they want, when ever they like, this shopping list is pure fun, a total head to toe make over!

I want to hear your comments, sissy girls. What is your favourite outfit, what colour of eyeshadow can you not live without? Send Me your pictures, I want to see how pretty you can be!

Mistress Cassie

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Curly Hair Assignment

Today gurly girls, your assignment is to have beautiful curly hair.

You can wear a curly wig, put curlers/rollers/rods in your hair, go to a salon and get a perm. It doesn't matter HOW you get curly, you just must get CURLS.

Send your curly haired pictures to Me, and I will know that I have obedient pretty little sissies. Don't forget to put on your prettiest make up to go with the curly hair. Eye shadow, lipstick and blush, false eyelashes etc. all make a sissy pretty, or, SLUTTY, depending on how much you do.

Mistress Cassie
Mistress Cassie Phone Sex for sissies

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Super O male orgasms

I just had a call with a guy using this toy, Aneros , and I can vouch for the incredible orgasm he just had!

I want My sissies to feel what it is like to be fucked, and this is seems to be an incredible toy just for that purpose!

Along with a sissy cunt full of cock, I want My sissies to practice begging Mistress to bend them over and spank their sissy bottoms, and then treat the sissy to a wonderful face sitting session.

Think about it, gurls, a cock in your sissy cunt and Me sitting on your face, using you like the little slut you are!!!!

stop touching your panites.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Slutty Voice Practice Sissy Assignment

today sluts, you will stand infront of a mirror ( all dressed and made up of course ) and practice your sexy voice. I want you to almost whisper, speaking as you exhale (that is the sexiest way to speak).

This is what I want you to say (insert your own sissy name instead of 'tara')...

"hello, my name is tara, and i'm such a horny sissy slut" say that over and over and over until you can almost purr it.

then, "i am going to give you such a hot blowjob" "i need you to fuck my sissy mouth, and cum all over my sissy whore face" ... "fuck me, please fuck me"

repeat all of these over and over until you sound as sexy as you feel. while you are speaking, slide your hands up and down your body, move your hips side to side, lean into the mirro, pucker your lips, and really draw it out.

remember sissygurls, you are trying to seduce a REAL Man, and will have to be very hot to catch his attention. you have seen hookers and porn stars, you know how they pout out their lips when they talk... practice it. raise your voice, but still talk in a sexy low whisper.

after you have practiced it over and over, you will have to call ME, and let me hear how sexy you sound. I'll probably set you up with some men who want free phone sex, and you can see just how good you really are... lol.

Mistress Cassie

Shoe Shopping Sissy Assignment

hello gurls.
Today is the day you buy a hot sexy pair of pumps! A sissy needs to wear sexy high heels, and I found the place for you to get them.

Pierre Silber has sexy shoes in sizes that will fit your sissy feet!

I want every sissy to have atleast a pair of black pumps for everyday wear, and then a super sexy pink or red pair of heels for those very slutty moments when I pimp you out!

Mistress Cassie

Monday, May 22, 2006

Singing Sissy Assignment

Good Morning sissies.

Today I want you to sing. Pretend you are in a musical, and everything you do, you have to sing about. For instance, when you get dressed, sing out something like this: " I am a pretty sissy, getting dressed for my Mistress, la la la la la" etc etc. Sing about everything you do, all day long.

Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, is your role model for today.

He he ha ha ha

Mistress Cassie

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dominatrix Sessions Assignment

For this assignment, I want you to submit stories (real or fantasy) of your visits to the Dominatrix.

Don't leave anything out, what did she do? how did you react? what happened? did you or would you go again? what toys did she have? etc. etc.

Mistress Cassie

Sissy Videos

These videos have been submitted by members of Sissy Salon, and are for your viewing pleasure. I hope they will inspire you to make your own video for submission. Just think, you call all be porn stars!

Post a comment in your journal if you like what you see!

Fuck Slut Gina Dances to 'We don't need no SHORT DICKED men

sissy nella cums on herself!

Sissy Halloween Assignment

I have been reminded by fancypanties that My sissies would like a Halloween assignment. ...

Here it comes:

Tonight, of all nights of the year is the EASIEST night to go out fully DRESSED. Tonight, I want My sissies to outdo them selves, to dress not only feminine, but to go the extra mile, be GLAMOROUS, SLUTTY, PRETTY, what ever it maybe, but don't stop at your comfort level, put on that extra one, two or three things.

I am talking about going overboard. The idea is not to just PASS as a woman tonight, the idea is to be SO FUCKING OBVIOUSLY FLAMING that it is ridiculous.

The fun, excitement and thrill will come from the EXTREME.... and you will tell and show us ALL.

Sissy Tan Lines Assignment

okay girly girls, its been a while since I posted a new assignment. Here it is. I expect to see lots of responses and pictures for this one.

I want to see pictures and hear stories about my sissies showing off their sexy tan lines. You can spend your summer day in the sun and a skimpy bikini, or you can be an even lazier sissy and use a bottle of fake tanning solution.... doesn't matter to me. I want to see pictures of you in sun dresses, halter tops, lingerie, etc, anything that shows your tan lines!

Show us some skin!

Mistress Cassie

Domination Phone Sex

Sissy Whore Lessons

sissy girls, I have been selling whore instructions for a while, and wanted to share this response with you from sissy maid bobette ( emailed to Me today )

Glory Holes, Red Lipstick and you, sissyslut!

Dear Mistress Cassie

Thank You Mistress for Your instructions. even though they are terribly frightening. we pathetic, tiny dicked sissy bitches get all excited and terrified when we hear from our beautiful and oh so sexy Mistress. What is this cruel, sadistic Goddess going to make me do next? Whatever it is it will certainly be filled with shame and humiliation for Her lowly sissy maids and sissy sluts. But we are helpless and must obey.

i promptly began to practice: my name is sissy slut bobette and i am going to suck cocks for Mistress Cassie. Over and over, ten times in the morning, afternoon and evening.

i became aware of a rather large gay bar that might be perfect for a sissy cocksucker to work in as a pimped out sissy prostitute for my Mistress.

After showering and shaving, i applied my makeup in an extravagant manner as a good sissy whore should. Base makeup over my face followed by finishing powder and red blush on my cheeks. Lots of frosted, light blue eyeshadow along with long false eye lashes and black eyeliner. i have several tubes of red lipstick, but i chose the bright red frosted tube and applied it over and over again. Next came a very long and very, very curly blonde wig along with a rhinestone choker and rhinestone earrings that are six inches long.

A black lacey, strapless bra padded to fill the DD cup, black garter belt and panties and a pair of black, seamed full fashioned nylons came next with my black strappy sandals with five inch heels. i practiced wiggling my ass in front of the mirror repeating my phrases as ordered and stepped into my very short and very tight black halter style dress. It was somewhat transparent so someone who looked closely could see my bra, garters and panties.

As i pranced around like a limp wristed sissy, i couldn't decide if i looked like a cheap, sleazy sissy whore or a dim witted, air headed bimbo. i decided i was both, why fight it and made my way to the gay bar.

As i walked down the street, after parking the car, i realized that my short dress was creeping up and revealing my garters and stocking tops. The shame and humiliation was incredible as cars honked their horns as desperately tried to tug on my skirt only to have it creep right back up again. i felt so helpless mincing along in my spiked heeled sandals.

The bar was quite crowded and it didn't take long for the patrons to realize what i was. i approached a gay, black man who was giving me the eye and said " my name is sissy bobette and i am Mistress Cassie's sissy whore. i would like to suck your cock for ten dollars " He promptly grabbed my hand and dragged me to the men's room. The patrons were hooting and howling as i tried to keep up in my five inch heels with my skirt now riding up around my panties ass. He pushed me into a stall, unzipped his pants to reveal an enormous cock. i knelt and kissed and licked his member to full erection before i took him into my mouth. It was not only very long, but very thick as i almost gagged on this monster dick. It wasn't long before he exploded and i swallowed every drop of his cum. He threw a ten dollar bill on the floor which i picked up and stuffed in my purse. It was then i noticed a long line of men waiting for their blowjobs. But as a good slut i reapplied my lipstick before taking on my next john.

i hoped during my ordeal that if i did a good job for Mistress, She might let me sniff her worn panties and dirty stockings. So many times i would beg and plead for the chance to worship Her lingerie only to have Mistress laugh and deny me the priviilege. Secretly i knew how much i loved being tormented by my beautiful Mistress and teased by Her panties and stockings. It is so exciting to see a sissy or group of sissies begging for Mistress Cassie's panties and stockings and to have Her tease us unmercifully as we crawl and beg for Her lucious personal items.

i must have sucked thirty dicks with some men blowing theri loads on my face and in my blonde curls. i was suprised at how mean and degrading these gay men were to a helpless sissy bitch like me. With my jaws fatigued and my face stained with cum i made my way home not caring about my skirt now riding up around my ass and showing off my black bikini panties.

As i drove home my flacid little dickie began to harden ( only four inches fully erect ) as i thought about my Mistress. Tomorrow i would be in a french maid's uniform doing Her housework. i would be on my knees as She dangled a pair of Her panties and stockings in front of me. i would beg " please Mistress Cassie, may i please worship Your panties and stockings." The answer: " No you stupid sissy bitch, now get your ass in gear and start scrubbing the toilets, before i whip that worthless behing of yours."

Such is the life of a sissy maid and sissy whore for Mistress Cassie. Aren't we lucky!

Deep curtseys to Mistress Cassie

sissy maid bobette

I do love my little slutwhore sissies! haahahaha

Sissy Reflection Assignment

Under the handwashing assignment, maidalyssa posted the following response, which has inspired this assignment.

" i regularly spend time over the sink and washing my delecates by hand, i simply cannot trust a washing machine to do the trick.

On the rare occasion when no one is home, i slip on my long sissy apron which ties around back in a bow and proceed to wash my panties and bras usually wearing only sissy socks and high heels and nothing else. the apron feels good on my skin and i am reminded of my sissy status each time i look in the mirror in front of the sink.

for drying, I place everything I've washed into a pillowcase, put a fabric softener inside and tie it with a shoestring and put it in the drier for 30-40 minutes.

while standing wearing the apron in the nude waiting for the drier to stop, its tempting to touch and play so I handcuff my hands behind my back and use this quiet time to reflect on my sissy status lying on my back on the floor. Sometimes i use this time to wash dishes or dust the house and sometimes i am blindfolded and gagged and continue silently meditating in the corner while i wait for the drier to buzz.

sissy maid alyssa"

The assignment, sissygirls, is to dress in an apron, sissy socks and heels, blindfold and gag yourself, and sit alone in the silence for 40 minutes, thinking only of what it means to be a sissy.

I look forward to your replies to this assignment.

Mistress Cassie

sissy phone sex

Dance Sissy Dance Assignment

Okay sissies, this is an easy assignment. Load up this 'music video' , it takes quite a while to fully load/play, but be patient. When it starts playing, DANCE, Dance, Dance. Think about Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and all the dancing from the 80's


AND, I want you to work on sissifying some lyrics for this music, and, work on some pictures too! ( this second part of the assignment is pretty techie, but I HAVE FAITH in MY sissies!)

Mistress Cassie

Sissy Car Washing Assignment

Today I want my car washed, inside and out. I want the windows washed, carpet vaccumed and shampooed, dashboard polished , etc. I would love to see a sissymaid bent over leaning into the car, cleaning away, panty ruffles blowing in the breeze.

I can imagine this all happening outside the big carwash, my sissymaid cleaning away alongside all the men with their sports cars, all shiny, music blaring. I can imagine that my sissy is not only cleaning the car, but flirting with the Manly Men ( hehehe) like a good sissy slut.

The assignment for today is to go to the carwash, wash your car ( or someone else's if you don't have one) and clean, clean, clean. Smile and flirt with the other car owners, and take pride in your work. You must dress up in your frilliest panties, and wear pink lipstick, a bow in your hair and some sparkling jewellery. I prefer you to wear an apron and skirt as well. ( closet sissies will have to make do the best they can, panties and as much feminine gear as they have!)

Send in your pictures for my final inspection!

Mistress Cassie

Sissy Easter Bonnet Training Assignment

I am sure you can guess what this is about. This assignment is a contest for the best Sissy Easter Bonnet. You may design your Easter Bonnet anyway you like, but to enter the contest, you must submit a picture of your creation on your head.

Contest closing is Thursday March 24th, 6pm Mountain time. Pics will be posted up until that night, and comments will be welcome!
Email your entries to me at before the March 24th deadline.

Margaret Salad Sissy Assignment

Today's sissy assignment is inspired by a something done by a sissy I know named Margaret.

First thing is to get all dolled up, so, go through your entire grooming ritual. Shave ( shave and more shave ). Moisturize ( of course, a girls gotta look after her skin ) put your make-up on, do your hair ( wig ) get dressed in your BEST panties, bra, skirt, stockings, blouse, jewellery and shoes.

You are going out for dinner, sissy. Either go with a friend, or alone, to a NICE sit down restaurant. You are to order a salad, PLAIN with no dressing. You must make a point to tell your waitress or waiter that you are on a special diet and brought your own dressing. ( you can order other things, but its the salad I am talking about ).

Here comes the best part ( pun intended of course ) To be done the day before you go to the restaurant!

sissy, you must fantasize about sucking the biggest, thickest black cock, suck on your dildo, moan and be a complete cocksucking whore. You must suck that dildo for atleast half an hour, thinking the dirtiest of whore thoughts. After atleast 30 minutes of whoring, you will relieve yourself into a little ziploc plastic bag. Yes, thats right, you will cum into a plastic bag. Put that fresh Salad Dressing into the fridge for the night, and then into your purse so you will have it when the waiteress brings your salad at dinner.

In a nutshell, you are going to ejaculate into a bag, take that bag to a nice restaurant, and pour ( squeeze or dribble) it onto your salad and eat it.

Thats the Margaret Salad.

Mistress Cassie

St. Patrick's Day Panties Sissy Assignment

There are 10 days until St. Patrick's Day, sissy girls. March 17th is the day all of my sissies will be wearing GREEN Panties, in celebration of my favourite holiday.

You all have time to go and get some green panties. I am sure Walmart, Target, Victoria's Secrets and a thousand other lingerie stores will have something GREEN in your sissy size. Unless your panty drawer is already stocked with something pretty in a nice shade of green, you MUST go shopping before March 17th and get an appropriate pair of green panties.

You assignment is threefold. First you must aquire the green panties. Secondly you must wear them on St. Patrick's Day ( even if you don't celebrate the day, you must wear the green panties for ME ). Thirdly, I want pictures of you wearing the green panties. Simple as 1 2 3, isn't it?

Any questions?

Mistress Cassie

Curtsey Sissy Assignment

I am inspired by belynda's recent experience at the Muir Academy ( see belynda's journal for details) and I am assigning all sissies the task of learning the 3 types of curstey and when they are required, and to send ME pictures of each.

I have copied the following from belynda's journal:

" Curtsey (Three Types), bob , regulation and full, practice and demonstrate all three for one full hour and list the correct occassions when each should be used. "

All sissies should know this, and I am sure if anyone needs clarification our own belynda will be able to give advice.

Mistress Cassie

Out On The Town Sissy Assignment

Get your make up on girls, do your hair, dress up and grab your purses. You are going out today.

First thing you have to do is get some money, so either go to the teller and withdrawl $20. You can use a bank ATM machine if you want.

Once you have your money, you must go to a coffee shop, order a coffee and drink it sitting inside ( or outside if its nice ) at a table. Be friendly, and chatty with the staff and the other patrons.

After you have finished the coffee, go to a drug store and buy some new lipstick and matching nail polish. Pick up a fashion magazine too before you leave!

You must do this assignment as fully dressed as possible. If its your first outing, make sure you wear the makeup, if you have been doing this before, go one step further, dress up fancy. If you can't think of anyway to push the limits on this assignment, wear a feather boa and sing show tunes while you are waiting in the lines. If that is part of your 'norm' then you will just have to throw in some dance steps and blow kisses at the men you see.

There is always a way to take it further, and I will push your limits.

Mistress Cassie

Cleaning Day Sissy Assignment

The weather has finally changed here, all last week in the MINUS 30s, so today, its PLUS 1 Celsius, and it feels fabulous. So, with this balmy weather comes some house cleaning.

Here is your list of chores:
wash windows
sweep and vacuum floors
wash the floors
dust and polish furniture
change the bedsheets
wipe out the bathroom sinks and counters
clean the mirrors

Of course you will wear an apron and maids uniform, and work very very hard!

Mistress Cassie

Pretty Peacock Tail Sissy Assignment

I couldn't resist this. I have seen the PERFECT sissy humiliation toy. And, now that I have seen it, I MUST see it in use!

Peacock Tail

Be a dear, little sissy, and get it, try it on, and send me a picture. I know you won't be able to resist it either!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

It makes my day!

Cheerleader Sissy Assignment

Gather around sissy cheerleaders! your assignment is this:

a) Prepare to watch the Orange Bowl football game tonight.

Tuesday Jan. 4 8:00 pm ET

ABC Orange Bowl

National Championship Miami, FL

Southern California vs. Oklahoma

b)Pic a team, either one, and dress in their team colors. Remember, you are sissy cheerleader tonight, pigtails, bright lipstick, short pleated skirt, white socks, running shoes, pompoms and lots of PEP and Excitement!

c) watch the game ( preferrably with other people! ) and cheer your team on. Jump up and down, cheer, chant, wave your pompoms like ya mean it!

d) send in the pictures of course!

If you have missed this particular game, you can be a sissy cheerleader for any televised game, football, basketball, soccer, I really don't care what the sport, infact, I think it would be very sissylike to cheer for tennis or volleyball, or even pingpong!

You can make your own pompoms out of shredded paper, yarn, or even a couple of wigs!

Rah! Rah! Rah!

go sissies!

Mistress Cassie

Stockings Sissy Assignment

Hello sissies!
I have been shopping for stockings, and fell inlove with these, Two Toned Net Pantyhose Your assignment today is to spoil yourself a bit.

Do what I do and buy some new stockings! When you get them, be sure to hand wash them in cold water, and let them hang over the shower rod to dry. You will feel like such a sexy girl, stockings hanging in the bathroom! I hope someone stops by your place and sees them hanging there! I know there are always stockings or something silky hanging to dry in my shower!

Two Toned Net Pantyhose

I want a picture of your stockings hanging over the shower rod, with of course you in the picture too!

Mistress Cassie

Glittery Sissy Assignment

Tis the Holiday Season sissies, and do you have your festive sparkle?

Sissies need to be ready to shine when they have a special occasion. You can have sparkly finger and toe nails, glitter makeup for your face and neck/shoulders/arms, sequens on your clothes, razzle dazzly shoes, the list goes on.

Your assignment is to acquire sparkle. Go and buy some, make something, find something that is shiny, sparkly, and dazzling. Of course covering yourself and your Mistress in Diamonds is the very best thing to do, but not always possible!!

Things to think of: jewellery, hair clips and barrattes, nail polish, make up, sparkly nylons, etc etc. I have a great picture to post of alison, with glittery sparkly pantyhose!

I am sure you girls get the picture, be radiant.

Mistress Cassie

Going Out For Tea Sissy Assignment

Today, sissygirls, you are going to go out for tea.

Take your purse, and go to the nicest tea room you can find. Ideally you are completely dressed as the prim and propper lady you can be ( sometimes ), but at a bare minimum you are are wearing your laceiest panties, and carrying a purse.

Order tea, with lemon and honey, some scones with jam, and enjoy yourself, careful not to get crumbs everywhere. Take time to carefully wipe your mouth with the napkin, and reapply your lipstick when you are done. Be as dainty and feminine as ever, and soak in the gentleness, and prissiness of it all.

Look around the tea room, I am sure you will be noticed, and quite likely you will be getting more smiles than frowns. Smile back, wink even if you feel a bit flirty, but always remember your manners.

Mistress Cassie

Dainty LIttle Purse Sissy Assignment

All women have at least one purse ready near the door so that when they go out, everything important is near at hand. A sissy must have a purse complete with all the trappings as well. This assignment is to obtain a purse if you don't have one, and make sure it has the following things in it:

wallet/change purse
set of keys
hair brush / comb
little address book

you may also carry in your purse any other thing you may need, or pick up along the way.

Mistress Cassie

Sissy Teasing Assignment

Today sissies, I want you to sexually tease yourself! That means you are to think dirty, be dirty, and make that man clit of yours hard,,, but keep it tucked in your panties. I want that man clit hard and hurting all day long, but you must not cum until bedtime. Its going to be a long long sissy day, isn't it?

This is a lesson in chastity.

Mistress Cassie

Show Some Lace Sissy Assignment

Today, sissy girlie girls, you must expose some lace, and be sure to be SEEN wearing the lace. For the shyest of shy sissies, you may be creative about what lace it is you wear and show off.

For the more advanced, better trained sissies, it will be lacey panties, and you will be sure to at the very least bend over just so that some lace shows above your waistband.

For the naughty slutty sissies, its your panties under your short skirt that will flash when you bend over. Wiggle that sissy ass nice to get some extra attention.

Mistress Cassie

Handwashing Sissy Assignment

Take out all of your lingerie girlie girls, and fill up the sink with cool water, and some delicates washing soap ( the best you have ) and spend an hour carefully washing and examining every inch of your panties, bras, stockings, camisoles, nighties, slips, and all your other pretty things.

Make sure you watch for any loose threads or seams that need mending, or any hard to remove stains ( naughty girl! ), and do what is needed to care for your delicate feminine underwear.

Sissies must learn to wash and care for their laundry, as well as their Mistress's laundry. I expect you to do your very very sissy best!

Mistress Cassie

Humiliating Returns Sissy Assignment

Sissies, we all know there are limitations on the returns policies of different clothing items, especially lingerie!

For this assignment, you will go to a busy store with a lingerie department, and select a few items, panties, stockings, nightie, bra, etc. You will then find a store clerk and ask her for the returns policy of each of the items. Ask her for each item, if you can return it, what are the limitations, exchanges, cash returns etc.

Spend 15 minutes talking to the clerk, be sure she realizes you are going to purchase these for yourself, and may need to exchange them if they don't fit, etc. Other customers will likely over hear you; infact you will be the center of attention.

You are to feel the stares of all around you, know they are listening, endure their snickers and giggles. Hold your head up proud shopper sissy. I am laughing at you already, with all your redundant questions.

As always, report back to me after this humiliating shopping experience.

Mistress Cassie

Sissy Gloves Assignment

Search, find and purchase a pair of white gloves.

You will find several to choose from at Silk Secrets , including long and short silky ones, as well as several lacey ones. Look under accesories and you will find them.

A sissy should wear her dainty lacey gloves when she is all dressed up with her frilly petticoats and ribbons and bows.

A slut should wear long satin gloves when she is a seductive whore, it just looks so inviting. Besides, gloves do hide horrible "man hands" .. which nobody wants to see, or feel.

You must practice putting them on, and demurely pulling them off, one dainty finger at a time!

Mistress Cassie

Warm Feet Sissy Assignment

As you may know, I live in Canada. In the winter it gets really cold here, ( as in many places around the world ) This is an especially difficult time for the homeless.

Your assignment for the next month is to prepare Warm Feet for the Street packages to be given to the homeless shelters in your area. Take a pair of NEW Wool socks, shove one sock inside the other, and stuff them with useful items such as soap, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, lip balm, hand lotion, bus tickets, bandaids, gum, mints, notebook and pen, small sewing kit, etc. I am sure you can think of many things that would be a nice gift to someone in need.

Take your 'stockings' to which ever agency in your area helps street people, and wish them a Happy Holiday.

There are 800+ members of sissysalon. I expect every sissy to prepare AT LEAST one 'stocking' and give it to a person whose home is the streets, and who carries all his belongings in one small bag. sissies must learn to be generous and kind, to be caring and to serve others. I will be preparing several socks myself.

Mistress Cassie

Sissy Christmas Carol Assignment

Pantyslut's journal entry has inspired this assignment:

Complete this well know Christmas song and post it here for all to see. I will offer the sissy who completes the song with the best lyrics a free 15 min call with me. Deadline is December 20, 2004

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me,

a pink bikini in a pear tree,

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me,

a two tight corsettes, and a pink bikini in a pear tree....

The assignment is to complete the song, sissy style.

Mistress Cassie

Sissy Chocolate Assignment

You are a real woman, and today hormones are going wild, and you are craving chocolate. Your assignment is to see how quickly you can find/buy/make the following items.

Dark Chocolate Bar - swiss or german ( not the cheap stuff )

Chocolate layercake with chocolate fudge iceing

Chocolate Sauce ( like Hershey's in the yellow tin )

Hot Chocolate with mini marshmallows.

Chocolate Ice Cream to go with the sauce

Starbuck's Venti Mocha Valencia (to go)

Its important to be able to quickly determine your nearest emergency route to the nearest source of cocoa, in its purest form. In an emergency, you can take cocoa powder, sugar, a bit of butter and a bit of milk, put in a sauce pan, and cook into a chocolate sauce, to be used as a dip for ANYTHING....

I want to see/ read/ or hear about your chocolate experiences today.

Also, for extra credit, send me a chocolate present.

Mistress Cassie

612-500 Country Hills Blvd NE, Suite 145, Calgary Alberta, T3K 5K3, Canada
Today, sissies, you will dress your most sluttiest, complete with make up, wigs, perfume, jewellery, stockings, heels... the whole outfit. Stand infront of the mirror, and practice saying very seductive, very slutty things. "Hi, my name is xxxxxxx and I am a horny bitch. I am going to suck your cock, I am a whore. I am a sissyslut, and I need to be fucked.... " etc. Stand infront of that mirror, looking at yourself, as you say in your femmiest sleaziest slut voice, "I am sissyxxxxxxx and I am a whore, fuck me with that big man cock""

15 minutes of practicing your slut voices, practicing being the whore in the back alley propositioning men, telling them you are a cock sucking whore.

This is one of the first lessons I give to sissies when they call me, I love to hear those seductive, desperate, begging, horny slut voices. Practice so that you are convincing. Look at yourself in the mirror, do you look convincing?

Mistress Cassie

ps. I will be back, accepting calls tonight after 10 pm Mountain Time. I want to hear those slutty whore voices.

Sissy Pink Ribbon Assignment

Today, girls, you will tie a pretty pink ribbon around your boyclit, in a delicate girlie bow. If you don't have a pink ribbon, go and buy one. You can go to a craft store, fabric store, walmart etc to buy a roll of fabric ribbon, either lacey or satiny, and then use about an 18 inch long piece , about a half inch wide, to tie a lovely loopy bow.

You must leave the bow tied on all day, and all night, and, everytime you feel it, or think of it, you will remember just how much of a prissy sissy you are, and that you are in My sissy training program, doing what you are told.

I want pics too.

Mistress Cassie

Sissy Quickie Assignment

This is a quickie, as I have company and haven't been able to spare 2 seconds to create a fully demanding intricately detailed sissy assignment. No matter, here it is, and I think you are ALL going to like it.

First put on your laceiest ( most lacey? ) panties, and stand infront of a mirror. Pinch your nipples and rub the front of your panties. ( so far so good )

Watch your panties, and your sissy clit grow bigger through the lace. Keep pinching your nipples, move your hips back and forth and sing " I am a sissygirl, a horny slutty sissygirl" over and over, pinching your nipples and swaying back and forth.

Continue singing and swaying, blowing kisses through your pouty painted lips,,, over and over until your panties are soaking wet.

Take the wet panties off, and watch yourself in the mirror as you lick them clean.

Mistress Cassie


In for a little pain? It hurts to be beautiful, dontcha know?

Get some hair removal wax girls, because its time to feel like a girl. You can buy the wax at the drugstore, it comes with little cotton peices of fabric, and the instructions.

Smear some of the wax on the area of skin that you want to remove the hair from, lay the cloth ontop of the wax, press it firmly in place. Hold for a while till the wax is good and stuck to the hair and the cloth. Ready?


Rip the cloth off of your skin, pulling that nice little patch of hair out, roots and all.

Smear some wax on the next stop and do it all again until the hair is all gone.

Sissy Yahoo Profiles Assignment

Put this link : in your yahoo profiles under cool links. I see alot of new sissies coming to the sissysalon through other peoples yahoo profiles.

Sissy Perfume Assignment

Alright, sissy gurls, today you are going to a perfume counter, either in a department store, or drug store, somewhere that has a Perfume Lady who hands out samples, ( scent sprayed on paper).

At the perfume counter, you must ask to smell ATLEAST 3 different perfumes, Channel No 5, Anais Anais, Shalimar, Poison, Organza are some examples of my favourites. You must leave the counter with 3 samples ( on paper ) and one on your wrists and neck. ( only one or you will get a headache).

You must think about smelling pretty, and how the different scents bring out different moods in you, and in others. Some scents are pretty, some are slutty,,, just like sissies.

Sissy Sewing Assignment

Get the needle, thread, scissors and thimble out girls. Today you are going to practice your stitches. You will need a nice piece of pink fabric, something pretty, something silky or very very soft. Go to a fabric store if you need too.

You are going to sew it into a little draw string bag, with a piece of lace for the draw string.

Drawstring bag samples

Drawsting bag pattern

I want pictures!

Spotless Floors Sissy Assignment

Get on your knees, sissy girls, and scrub the kitchen floor with a scrub brush or a sponge. Spend some time down there and really really do a good job. Think about what it is to be useful, and scrub and scrub and scrub that floor.

Sissy Make Up Assignment

girls, get all your make up out, spread it on the counter, and have some fun. you are going to do one half of your face with one color combination, and the other half of your face with a different combination, and try to see which looks better. Trust me, you will notice the difference.

Try pink/fuscia lipstic, blush, and soft colors on your eyelids and eyeliner all on the left side, and on the right side, try darker colors, red/burgundy/brown lipstick and blush, with greens or purples or other darker colors around your eye.

Sissy Tampon Training Assignment

Purchase a box of tampons. You MUST purchase them in a store, not steal them from your wife/mother/boss etc. I really don't care what kind you get, as long as you get them. Go into a Lady's restroom ( I can hear you chickening out already!)(a men's room will do in a pinch) and INSERT the TAMPON in your pussy. Leave it in there, and pull your panties back up, fix yourself up, wash your hands, check your lipstick, and out you go, back into public, and on with your day.

Leave that tampon inside you for 4 hours, then remove it, and feel like the gurl you are.

As usual, I want to hear what you have learned from this lesson.

Mistress Cassie

Ballerina Sissy Assignment

Today's assignment is to be a ballerina. If you have pink tights, leotard, slippers and tutu wear them. If you don't, do the best you can with what you have. I want you up on your tiptoes, arms in the air, fingers touching over your heard, and DANCING. You are a frilly little sissygirl, dancing on your toes. HA HA HA HA HA HA,,, makes me laugh just picturing it.

IMistress Cassie

Halloween Sissy Assignment

Dressup and go out Trick or Treating on Hallowe'en Night. Take the 'sissygirl' out on the town, and don't hold anything back. This is the night to flaunt it all, girls.

Please your Mistress Assignment

Your assignment is to find a way to please ME, Mistress Cassie.

Sissy Bathtub Assignment

I have been chatting with Mistress Barbara, and she gave me the idea for today's sissy assignment. Today, you must scrub out the bathtub, making it shiny and spotless.

Then you must fill it up with bubble bath, get in and soak your stinky sissy body, singing and giggling like a little prissysissy bubble princess.

Soak, scrub and sing until your fingers and toes are comletely wrinkled up!

Mistress Cassie

Sissy Poetry Assignment

In order to complete this assignment, you must write a poem for ME. you may use any style of poetry, the only requirements are that it is for ME, and that you post it as NEWS here at sissysalon.

Impress ME, sissies, I am waiting.

Mistress Cassie

Sissy Toilet Cleaning Assignment

This assignment is as straightforward as it gets. Clean the toilets, sissymaid, clean all the toilets where you live today. Put on an apron, get on your knees and scrub that porcelain inside and out.

Your not finished until it is sparkling clean and smells wonderful and is clean enough to eat out of ( which could be an other assignment! he he he ). Cleaning the toilet includes the floor all around it and the wall behind the toilet too.

Report back when you have completed this task.

Mistress Cassie

Sissy Dancing Assignment

Get out your prettiest dancing shoes, and some polish, and shine them up, sissygirl. you are going to get all dressed up, put on some music, and dance and prance all around the room. Practice your curtsey, your spin, and always hold your wrists up delicately, with your fingers out , just so.

Mistress Cassie

Sissy Earring Assignment

Girls, get your jewellery out. I want you to wear earrings, buy earrings, think earings.

Put some clipons on while you are driving the car,, leave them on when shopping, ask the jewellery counter clerk at Walmart to help you pick a pair of earrings that are the perfect shade of pink. Get on your knees like you are looking for something on the ground, and if anyone asks what you are looking for, say you lost your earring, and ask them to help.

Its all about earrings!

Prissy Sissies must always have the perfect jewellery to match their outfit, and their mood. Long dangly ones, or little shiny ones, slutty, playful, classic? you can pick this time. Just be sure to be seen with them!

Mistress Cassie

Sissy Kissing Assignment

Listen up sissygirls, you need to wear lipstick with lipgloss ontop, and practice kissing, smooching, puckering up and leaving nice wet kisses everywhere.

My first thought was to see a sissy all made up and kissing a big wet slimy fish. That image is very powerful, who would like to kiss a fish? No one. But my sissies will, because I tell them to do it. I am going to expand the assignment somewhat girls, just to make it a bit more interesting for me.

The assignment is to put on the lipstick and gloss, and kiss the freakiest, non normally kissed thing. Kissing targets are fish, amphibians, dogs butts, toilet rims, I am sure you get the idea. No sex toys allowed this time. I want to see some creative and humiliating pictures with lots of lipstick.

This is all about humiliation, and you with your slutty makeup, out on kissing duty will give me something to laugh at for days. Send in your kissing reports as NEWS items for everyone to read and laugh at.

Mistress Cassie

Anal Training Assignment

Step one is to provide me with details of how your tight little man cunt has been trained so far. Explain who, what, when and where your ass was filled, pumped, stretched, fucked, used and abused, as well as your own thoughts and feelings.

Step two is to use as many dildos, beads, vegetables, strapons, plugs and any thing else you can shove up your ass to stretch it out. I am in a fowl mood, and the thought of all the sissy cunts getting a good stretching gives me an ounce of satisfaction. Knowing that it hurts, and that the sissies want a nice wet pussy so bad makes me smile.

Step three is to publish as News the results of your good ass fucking. you know how much I enjoy the pictures.

Mistress Cassie

Handwritting Sissy Assignment

Get out your prettiest pink or red pen, a postcard or letter, and sit down and write me a note. I want to see the daintiest handwriting you can do. Mail your card/letter to me, remembering to put enough postage to Canada.

Send to:

Mistress Cassie

612-500 Country Hills Blvd, NE

Suite 145

Calgary, AB T3K 5K3


Don't keep me waiting long on this one. Snail mail is slow, but I must have your postcards arrive by mail, NOT EMAIL.

Eyebrow Plucking Assignment

Today, my prissy little sissies, you must PLUCK your EYEBROWS.

Get some tweezers, and pluck the hairs along the UNDERSIDE of your eyebrows. ONE at a TIME., making sure you do the same on the left as you do on the right side. You want them to be a matched set.

My grandmother used to tell me, "It hurts to be beautiful, dear" , and it does.


Sissy Salon for Sissy Training - Relives

Hello sissy gurls.

I am going to use this blog to repost all of the sissy assignments, so that you can all keep working on your sissy training.

Mistress Cassie