Sunday, May 21, 2006

Glittery Sissy Assignment

Tis the Holiday Season sissies, and do you have your festive sparkle?

Sissies need to be ready to shine when they have a special occasion. You can have sparkly finger and toe nails, glitter makeup for your face and neck/shoulders/arms, sequens on your clothes, razzle dazzly shoes, the list goes on.

Your assignment is to acquire sparkle. Go and buy some, make something, find something that is shiny, sparkly, and dazzling. Of course covering yourself and your Mistress in Diamonds is the very best thing to do, but not always possible!!

Things to think of: jewellery, hair clips and barrattes, nail polish, make up, sparkly nylons, etc etc. I have a great picture to post of alison, with glittery sparkly pantyhose!

I am sure you girls get the picture, be radiant.

Mistress Cassie

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