Sunday, May 21, 2006

Going Out For Tea Sissy Assignment

Today, sissygirls, you are going to go out for tea.

Take your purse, and go to the nicest tea room you can find. Ideally you are completely dressed as the prim and propper lady you can be ( sometimes ), but at a bare minimum you are are wearing your laceiest panties, and carrying a purse.

Order tea, with lemon and honey, some scones with jam, and enjoy yourself, careful not to get crumbs everywhere. Take time to carefully wipe your mouth with the napkin, and reapply your lipstick when you are done. Be as dainty and feminine as ever, and soak in the gentleness, and prissiness of it all.

Look around the tea room, I am sure you will be noticed, and quite likely you will be getting more smiles than frowns. Smile back, wink even if you feel a bit flirty, but always remember your manners.

Mistress Cassie

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