Sunday, May 21, 2006

Humiliating Returns Sissy Assignment

Sissies, we all know there are limitations on the returns policies of different clothing items, especially lingerie!

For this assignment, you will go to a busy store with a lingerie department, and select a few items, panties, stockings, nightie, bra, etc. You will then find a store clerk and ask her for the returns policy of each of the items. Ask her for each item, if you can return it, what are the limitations, exchanges, cash returns etc.

Spend 15 minutes talking to the clerk, be sure she realizes you are going to purchase these for yourself, and may need to exchange them if they don't fit, etc. Other customers will likely over hear you; infact you will be the center of attention.

You are to feel the stares of all around you, know they are listening, endure their snickers and giggles. Hold your head up proud shopper sissy. I am laughing at you already, with all your redundant questions.

As always, report back to me after this humiliating shopping experience.

Mistress Cassie

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