Sunday, May 21, 2006

Margaret Salad Sissy Assignment

Today's sissy assignment is inspired by a something done by a sissy I know named Margaret.

First thing is to get all dolled up, so, go through your entire grooming ritual. Shave ( shave and more shave ). Moisturize ( of course, a girls gotta look after her skin ) put your make-up on, do your hair ( wig ) get dressed in your BEST panties, bra, skirt, stockings, blouse, jewellery and shoes.

You are going out for dinner, sissy. Either go with a friend, or alone, to a NICE sit down restaurant. You are to order a salad, PLAIN with no dressing. You must make a point to tell your waitress or waiter that you are on a special diet and brought your own dressing. ( you can order other things, but its the salad I am talking about ).

Here comes the best part ( pun intended of course ) To be done the day before you go to the restaurant!

sissy, you must fantasize about sucking the biggest, thickest black cock, suck on your dildo, moan and be a complete cocksucking whore. You must suck that dildo for atleast half an hour, thinking the dirtiest of whore thoughts. After atleast 30 minutes of whoring, you will relieve yourself into a little ziploc plastic bag. Yes, thats right, you will cum into a plastic bag. Put that fresh Salad Dressing into the fridge for the night, and then into your purse so you will have it when the waiteress brings your salad at dinner.

In a nutshell, you are going to ejaculate into a bag, take that bag to a nice restaurant, and pour ( squeeze or dribble) it onto your salad and eat it.

Thats the Margaret Salad.

Mistress Cassie

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