Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sissy Chocolate Assignment

You are a real woman, and today hormones are going wild, and you are craving chocolate. Your assignment is to see how quickly you can find/buy/make the following items.

Dark Chocolate Bar - swiss or german ( not the cheap stuff )

Chocolate layercake with chocolate fudge iceing

Chocolate Sauce ( like Hershey's in the yellow tin )

Hot Chocolate with mini marshmallows.

Chocolate Ice Cream to go with the sauce

Starbuck's Venti Mocha Valencia (to go)

Its important to be able to quickly determine your nearest emergency route to the nearest source of cocoa, in its purest form. In an emergency, you can take cocoa powder, sugar, a bit of butter and a bit of milk, put in a sauce pan, and cook into a chocolate sauce, to be used as a dip for ANYTHING....

I want to see/ read/ or hear about your chocolate experiences today.

Also, for extra credit, send me a chocolate present.

Mistress Cassie

612-500 Country Hills Blvd NE, Suite 145, Calgary Alberta, T3K 5K3, Canada

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