Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sissy Earring Assignment

Girls, get your jewellery out. I want you to wear earrings, buy earrings, think earings.

Put some clipons on while you are driving the car,, leave them on when shopping, ask the jewellery counter clerk at Walmart to help you pick a pair of earrings that are the perfect shade of pink. Get on your knees like you are looking for something on the ground, and if anyone asks what you are looking for, say you lost your earring, and ask them to help.

Its all about earrings!

Prissy Sissies must always have the perfect jewellery to match their outfit, and their mood. Long dangly ones, or little shiny ones, slutty, playful, classic? you can pick this time. Just be sure to be seen with them!

Mistress Cassie

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