Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sissy Kissing Assignment

Listen up sissygirls, you need to wear lipstick with lipgloss ontop, and practice kissing, smooching, puckering up and leaving nice wet kisses everywhere.

My first thought was to see a sissy all made up and kissing a big wet slimy fish. That image is very powerful, who would like to kiss a fish? No one. But my sissies will, because I tell them to do it. I am going to expand the assignment somewhat girls, just to make it a bit more interesting for me.

The assignment is to put on the lipstick and gloss, and kiss the freakiest, non normally kissed thing. Kissing targets are fish, amphibians, dogs butts, toilet rims, I am sure you get the idea. No sex toys allowed this time. I want to see some creative and humiliating pictures with lots of lipstick.

This is all about humiliation, and you with your slutty makeup, out on kissing duty will give me something to laugh at for days. Send in your kissing reports as NEWS items for everyone to read and laugh at.

Mistress Cassie

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