Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sissy Perfume Assignment

Alright, sissy gurls, today you are going to a perfume counter, either in a department store, or drug store, somewhere that has a Perfume Lady who hands out samples, ( scent sprayed on paper).

At the perfume counter, you must ask to smell ATLEAST 3 different perfumes, Channel No 5, Anais Anais, Shalimar, Poison, Organza are some examples of my favourites. You must leave the counter with 3 samples ( on paper ) and one on your wrists and neck. ( only one or you will get a headache).

You must think about smelling pretty, and how the different scents bring out different moods in you, and in others. Some scents are pretty, some are slutty,,, just like sissies.

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