Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sissy Quickie Assignment

This is a quickie, as I have company and haven't been able to spare 2 seconds to create a fully demanding intricately detailed sissy assignment. No matter, here it is, and I think you are ALL going to like it.

First put on your laceiest ( most lacey? ) panties, and stand infront of a mirror. Pinch your nipples and rub the front of your panties. ( so far so good )

Watch your panties, and your sissy clit grow bigger through the lace. Keep pinching your nipples, move your hips back and forth and sing " I am a sissygirl, a horny slutty sissygirl" over and over, pinching your nipples and swaying back and forth.

Continue singing and swaying, blowing kisses through your pouty painted lips,,, over and over until your panties are soaking wet.

Take the wet panties off, and watch yourself in the mirror as you lick them clean.

Mistress Cassie

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