Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sissy Reflection Assignment

Under the handwashing assignment, maidalyssa posted the following response, which has inspired this assignment.

" i regularly spend time over the sink and washing my delecates by hand, i simply cannot trust a washing machine to do the trick.

On the rare occasion when no one is home, i slip on my long sissy apron which ties around back in a bow and proceed to wash my panties and bras usually wearing only sissy socks and high heels and nothing else. the apron feels good on my skin and i am reminded of my sissy status each time i look in the mirror in front of the sink.

for drying, I place everything I've washed into a pillowcase, put a fabric softener inside and tie it with a shoestring and put it in the drier for 30-40 minutes.

while standing wearing the apron in the nude waiting for the drier to stop, its tempting to touch and play so I handcuff my hands behind my back and use this quiet time to reflect on my sissy status lying on my back on the floor. Sometimes i use this time to wash dishes or dust the house and sometimes i am blindfolded and gagged and continue silently meditating in the corner while i wait for the drier to buzz.

sissy maid alyssa"

The assignment, sissygirls, is to dress in an apron, sissy socks and heels, blindfold and gag yourself, and sit alone in the silence for 40 minutes, thinking only of what it means to be a sissy.

I look forward to your replies to this assignment.

Mistress Cassie

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