Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sissy Tampon Training Assignment

Purchase a box of tampons. You MUST purchase them in a store, not steal them from your wife/mother/boss etc. I really don't care what kind you get, as long as you get them. Go into a Lady's restroom ( I can hear you chickening out already!)(a men's room will do in a pinch) and INSERT the TAMPON in your pussy. Leave it in there, and pull your panties back up, fix yourself up, wash your hands, check your lipstick, and out you go, back into public, and on with your day.

Leave that tampon inside you for 4 hours, then remove it, and feel like the gurl you are.

As usual, I want to hear what you have learned from this lesson.

Mistress Cassie


sissy suzy said...

Mistress Cassie, I would like to tell You about my experience with this so far. My Mistress saw this and liked the idea, so she had me goto the store tonight, dressed in tight ass girl jeans and heels and a backless top and a pink thong, one of the ones you have to tie up on both sides and let the bows hang out of the waist of the jeans. Well I topped it off with a sequin belt. That was my final touch to the outfit. She also requested I bring her the receipt when we meet next. So I HAD to go so I had the receipt. And here I am typing this comment with a tampon up my ass. Feeling so subdued now with the thought that something feminine is in me.

Unknown said...

mistress, i followed your instructions and went to the chemist to buy some tampons, i wore pink rumba panties a pair of pantyhose and a white pair of runmba panties and a white bra. i took my box up to the lady behind the counter and told her my they were for me, she didnt seem fazed by this she could see the outline of my bra through my t shirt anyway. i sit here buzzing at the feel of my inserted female instrument and have never felt more sissy, i can see this turning into a regular thing

JAG398 said...

Mistress Cassie I did not buy my tampon in the store I bought it from the vending machine in the ladies room. This was the first time I had done this and I was nervouse went I went in the stall and placed it in myself. it felt so right I am planning on doing this again and buying a box do you have any recomendations on type of size.

Unknown said...

I have brought my first pack of tampons, I love them I am going to use them 24/7 Alishia

Unknown said...

I am now on my monthly for the second time. However my GODDESS says out of respect for weman if a female Superior is on hers and wants me to feel her pain I start one plus my one everymonth. I found I like pads more but my sister wears tampons and makes me ask her for one it's very humiliating