Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Slutty Voice Practice Sissy Assignment

today sluts, you will stand infront of a mirror ( all dressed and made up of course ) and practice your sexy voice. I want you to almost whisper, speaking as you exhale (that is the sexiest way to speak).

This is what I want you to say (insert your own sissy name instead of 'tara')...

"hello, my name is tara, and i'm such a horny sissy slut" say that over and over and over until you can almost purr it.

then, "i am going to give you such a hot blowjob" "i need you to fuck my sissy mouth, and cum all over my sissy whore face" ... "fuck me, please fuck me"

repeat all of these over and over until you sound as sexy as you feel. while you are speaking, slide your hands up and down your body, move your hips side to side, lean into the mirro, pucker your lips, and really draw it out.

remember sissygurls, you are trying to seduce a REAL Man, and will have to be very hot to catch his attention. you have seen hookers and porn stars, you know how they pout out their lips when they talk... practice it. raise your voice, but still talk in a sexy low whisper.

after you have practiced it over and over, you will have to call ME, and let me hear how sexy you sound. I'll probably set you up with some men who want free phone sex, and you can see just how good you really are... lol.

Mistress Cassie

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