Sunday, May 21, 2006

St. Patrick's Day Panties Sissy Assignment

There are 10 days until St. Patrick's Day, sissy girls. March 17th is the day all of my sissies will be wearing GREEN Panties, in celebration of my favourite holiday.

You all have time to go and get some green panties. I am sure Walmart, Target, Victoria's Secrets and a thousand other lingerie stores will have something GREEN in your sissy size. Unless your panty drawer is already stocked with something pretty in a nice shade of green, you MUST go shopping before March 17th and get an appropriate pair of green panties.

You assignment is threefold. First you must aquire the green panties. Secondly you must wear them on St. Patrick's Day ( even if you don't celebrate the day, you must wear the green panties for ME ). Thirdly, I want pictures of you wearing the green panties. Simple as 1 2 3, isn't it?

Any questions?

Mistress Cassie

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