Sunday, May 21, 2006

Today, sissies, you will dress your most sluttiest, complete with make up, wigs, perfume, jewellery, stockings, heels... the whole outfit. Stand infront of the mirror, and practice saying very seductive, very slutty things. "Hi, my name is xxxxxxx and I am a horny bitch. I am going to suck your cock, I am a whore. I am a sissyslut, and I need to be fucked.... " etc. Stand infront of that mirror, looking at yourself, as you say in your femmiest sleaziest slut voice, "I am sissyxxxxxxx and I am a whore, fuck me with that big man cock""

15 minutes of practicing your slut voices, practicing being the whore in the back alley propositioning men, telling them you are a cock sucking whore.

This is one of the first lessons I give to sissies when they call me, I love to hear those seductive, desperate, begging, horny slut voices. Practice so that you are convincing. Look at yourself in the mirror, do you look convincing?

Mistress Cassie

ps. I will be back, accepting calls tonight after 10 pm Mountain Time. I want to hear those slutty whore voices.

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