Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Sissy Training Recording

Sissy Shopping List

I have taken the time to make a sissy shopping list recording for all the 'just starting out' sissy girls, as well as all the other sissies out there who really need to update their 'things', or just want to go shopping.

Its important to feel and look good, especially feminine and pretty. I know alot of sissies only dress when they have 'privacy'... well, don't you think that especially for those situations, you should dress your very best? I do.

For the lucky sissies who come and go as pretty as they want, when ever they like, this shopping list is pure fun, a total head to toe make over!

I want to hear your comments, sissy girls. What is your favourite outfit, what colour of eyeshadow can you not live without? Send Me your pictures, I want to see how pretty you can be!

Mistress Cassie

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Curly Hair Assignment

Today gurly girls, your assignment is to have beautiful curly hair.

You can wear a curly wig, put curlers/rollers/rods in your hair, go to a salon and get a perm. It doesn't matter HOW you get curly, you just must get CURLS.

Send your curly haired pictures to Me, and I will know that I have obedient pretty little sissies. Don't forget to put on your prettiest make up to go with the curly hair. Eye shadow, lipstick and blush, false eyelashes etc. all make a sissy pretty, or, SLUTTY, depending on how much you do.

Mistress Cassie
Mistress Cassie Phone Sex for sissies

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Super O male orgasms

I just had a call with a guy using this toy, Aneros , and I can vouch for the incredible orgasm he just had!

I want My sissies to feel what it is like to be fucked, and this is seems to be an incredible toy just for that purpose!

Along with a sissy cunt full of cock, I want My sissies to practice begging Mistress to bend them over and spank their sissy bottoms, and then treat the sissy to a wonderful face sitting session.

Think about it, gurls, a cock in your sissy cunt and Me sitting on your face, using you like the little slut you are!!!!

stop touching your panites.