Thursday, April 23, 2009

Whats new with Mistress Cassie

hello sissies. I am looking out My window and see fresh white snow. I am tired of snow. I want to see pink and yellow flowers.

My assignment for all sissies today and this weekend, is to dress in pretty spring colours... pink, yellow, green... pastel colours, and to think pretty thoughts. I know some of you, ( or all of you ) are sluts deep down inside... but for this assignment, you have to be sweet and pretty, coy and shy spring sissies.

I told sissymaid diane today to find and wear glitter... glitter nail polish, glitter lip gloss... something sparkly.

I told cucky rikki to stop at a bar on his way home from work today and suck a cock for Me.

Last night, I had a long conversation with coleen about how to please his not quite Dominant enough wife. coleen is a dedicated cuckold whose wife is yet to embrace her Power.

These are a few of conversations I had in the last few hours. I am going to share them here, now and then.

Oh, and one more thing, sissymaid diane has a pole on her weblog. I want to see 100 responses there. Be good girls and leave your opinions.


Unknown said...

Oh, Mistress Cassie! You have made sissy diane so, so happy, to include me in Your newly formatted site.

What a great honor for Your sissy. i see a glittery weekend ahead for diane and many more posts on my sissy blog, which is dedicated to Mistress. i never get tired of Your assignments and being feminized by You. You are Wonderful!!!!

sissy maid diane

Fredrick said...

Ms Cassie

90 plus degrees , and hot. i do think some snow would be nice , ha ,ha.
like the blog ...nice format,
Hope all is well and You are enjoying some wicked fun!