Friday, November 20, 2009

Lipstick and Cock Sucking sissy assignment

Well My little sluts, this weekend you will be excersizing.

The bare minimum for this assignment is a tube of cock sucking red lipstick and a realistic looking dildo. Upgrades to this assignment include full lingerie, makeup, high heels, and a real cock. I am sure most of you will be somewhere inbetween....

you will put on your lipstick, get on your knees and suck that cock fo 20 mins, take a short break to redo your lipstick, have a drink, and suck again for 20 mins. you will suck for 20, rest for 5, over and over for atleast an hour.

I know you all know how to suck a cock, but do you have the stamina to make a REAL Man cum? PRACTICE Slut. Practice.

extra points for watching yourself in a mirror, and bonus for taking pictures for Me.

have fun cock whores....

Mistress Cassie

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stockings assignment results

I see sissy diane had some trouble with this assignment... how did the rest of you gals do?

I haven't decided about next weekend's training, but it is going to have something to do with serving your Mistress... anyone care to guess?

be good sissies

Mistress Cassie

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nylons, Stockings, Pantyhose and sissies assignment

The sissy training assignment for this weekend is all about hose.

For beginning sissies, that might mean going out and buying your first pair of thigh high stockings. For bigger gurls, that might mean finding a certain pair of fishnets, or black seemed keyhole stockings.

All the sissies will be sure to have smooth silky hairless legs, manicured toes, smooth, soft heels and toes (get out the manicure/pedicure sets, or go to a salon and get a pedicure)

All the sissies will practice parading around in their sexiest high heels, stockings and something sexy on top... a bra, a cami, .. something sexy that does not cover up those new stockings.

Spend the day, or night, or better yet, all weekend in your sexy stockings. Slide your fingers up and down the your silky legs. ... and sissy girls, no runs. Be very careful with your stockings.

There is a penalty for getting a run (ladder) in your stockings. If you snag them, or rip them, or damage the stockings in anyway, you will NOT be Allowed to masturbate, and the assignment will be considered incomplete.

At the end of the weekend, if you have been a sexy and careful sissy, your stockings will be intact... and you will be allowed to 'play' with them. I will give you permission to cum in or on your stockings.... that is the reward for taking care of them all weekend....

and of course.. good sissy gurls lick it all back up.

Mistress Cassie

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stockings, Hosiery, Panty Hose, all for sissies

Here is a hint, sissy girls and boys, about the next sissy training assignment. It will be something about stockings.

Something exciting about sexy, silky smooth stockings.

Thats all I am going to say here, now.

Mistress Cassie

Monday, November 09, 2009

Mistress Cassie reviews the pink panties...

I am pleased to have heard from a few of My sissy gurls regarding their pink panties.

good gurl awards go out to diane and jackie for reporting back to Me.

Now, before I post the next assignment (tomorrow) I would like to hear who else wore their pink panties for Me.

Part of every task is to report back to the Mistress for review. I know some sissies live to hear Mistress's praise, others receive such a wicked little thrill when they are scolded and punished.

Call Me sissy phone sex line and report to Me. I am expecting you.

Mistress Cassie

Thursday, November 05, 2009

weekend assignment for sissy girls #1 - pink panties

This weekend, I want all of My sissies wearing pink panties. ... Friday in pink, Saturday in pink and Sunday in pink.

That means you need 3 pairs of pink panties, or, you will be doing some pink panty laundry.

This is a super easy sissy assignment. They will not be this easy every weekend!
I expect to hear from you, all of you, telling Me about your pink panty weekend. I expect to hear about lacey panties, silk panties, bikinis, thongs, boy cutts, ruffly sissy panties, polka dot panties, day of the week panties... the list goes on and on, BUT they MUST all be PINK panties.

Do not disappoint Me.

I will continue to post new sissy training assignments here as long as I receive responses from sissies.

Mistress Cassie

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

new sissy? need training?

I talk to so many new sissy's, 'guys' who are just thinking about how sexy a pair of panties might feel on, 'fellas' who love sliding into stolen pantyhose, 'men' who want to get on their knees in front of a powerful Woman and submit... these 'boys' want to live the feminine life, but just can't quite move from fantasy to reality.

The conversion from sissy fantasy to reality can be a long lovingly slow process, or hard and fast, complete with locked chastity devices and mind control. There are as many ways as there are sissies.

I am ready to start some new sissy training sessions, and know that there are so many untrained sissy gurls out there, just aching for it.

Do you have a pair of panties? stockings? lipstick? high heels, a dildo?
If you have even one of these things, are you ready to start your training session.

you may reach Me by phone at 1-877-226-9810 and email at mistress.cassie AT yahoo Dot com (of course, convert that to proper email format) to schedule your training sessions.

Mistress Cassie