Tuesday, November 03, 2009

new sissy? need training?

I talk to so many new sissy's, 'guys' who are just thinking about how sexy a pair of panties might feel on, 'fellas' who love sliding into stolen pantyhose, 'men' who want to get on their knees in front of a powerful Woman and submit... these 'boys' want to live the feminine life, but just can't quite move from fantasy to reality.

The conversion from sissy fantasy to reality can be a long lovingly slow process, or hard and fast, complete with locked chastity devices and mind control. There are as many ways as there are sissies.

I am ready to start some new sissy training sessions, and know that there are so many untrained sissy gurls out there, just aching for it.

Do you have a pair of panties? stockings? lipstick? high heels, a dildo?
If you have even one of these things, are you ready to start your training session.

you may reach Me by phone at 1-877-226-9810 and email at mistress.cassie AT yahoo Dot com (of course, convert that to proper email format) to schedule your training sessions.

Mistress Cassie

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