Wednesday, December 02, 2009

sissy blogs

I want to add links to sissy blogs from Mine. So, sissy girls, post your sissy blog links here, in the comments and I will post them for all.

I want everyone to see all the pink, frilly, slutty girls out there!

Mistress Cassie


Jeanie Love said...

(wondering if i count, lol)

Unknown said...

Hello Mistress Cassie,

You have already given me the honor of a link on Your blog and there will be many more posts to come.

sissy miad diane

Mistress Cassie said...

yes jeanie, you count, and your link is now on the side panel of the sissy salon. welcome.

good gurls (both to diane and jeanie)

Unknown said...

mmmmmmmm, thank You, Mistress Cassie.

sissy maid diane

Jeanie Love said...

Thank You MistressCassie


Sissy Krystal said...

Dear Mistress Cassie,

I know you haven't heard from me in like forever but I'm always looking in from the side lines. I hope your not mad at me but I've had a link to your website for a year now on my kinda naughty website. If you wish for me to remove it I will, but I do Idolize you and want everyone who visits my site to know this. So anyway Mistress Cassie here are two of my sites that, and I would like to list Sissy Salon on both of them.


Sissy Krystal

Lizabeth said...

Yum, I would love to have a link to my blog:

lauren said...

Hi there,

I am Sissy Sassy girly lauren,

I would love a link to my blog,

I hope you enjoy it, lauren x

Rebecca Bas said...

Hello mistress, I would love to be added to yor blog list. Http://

pinkfoam said...

please add my blog new to this but learning fast. Under the dryer set and vibrator doing its thing

picard said...

Thank you Mistress Cassie

Hure tanja said...

Dear Mistress Cassie, i love your blog and would love to find a link to my blog:
Whore tanja

Tiffany said...


Been following your sexy blog for a while now as well as following Maid Dianes adventures. She is lucky to be owned by such a sexy Mistress who understands what girls really need.

I luv some of the assignments in the blog they make me wet.

I'm also currently owned by a Mistress who gives me sexy assignments and it gives a girl like me the best feeling in the world.

Would be great if you could link to my blog and take a look but ya know.. realise this is an ooold blog post so if you don't see this then I won't get too upset.

Tiffany XX

Tiffany said...

Ooopsies forgot to include the link! Had a blonde moment. Silly bimbo me I'm such a ditzy airhead

Here it is: