Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cold outside? Wear stockings under your slacks to keep warm!

Hello sissygirls,

I already expect you to wear pretty panties everyday, under your boy clothes to work even. But, now that its getting cold outside, you need to keep your little sissy legs warm. Wear pantyhose or stockings under your clothes.

Always, my little femmies, wear something pretty, something sexy, something slutty! I know you are a gurly gurl, and without a doubt, so do the people around you. You are not fooling anyone with your manly tough guy act. We all see through to your pink insides.. LOL

Thats right sissies, you cannot hide behind a suit and tie. Everyone sees the bra and painty gurl inside.

Mistress Cassie


Unknown said...

Hello Mistress Cassie,

i just luv the new look of Your site!

i was long ago panty trained by You, Mistress. i am very fortunate to have received extensive long term sissy training from You.

So, i can actually concentrate on going to the next level. i already wear panties, a bra, a girdle & stockings every day.

Since i have been busted a few times, what You asy is absolutely correct - as always. Everyone sees the bra and panty gurl inside. This is what being 'forver changed' by Mistress is all about.

sissy maid diane

Unknown said...

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Fredrick said...

Mistress Cassie

This really should not come as much of a shock to folks as it is a tried and true deal for fishermen up north, but truth told as much as i love stockings when the temps get cold wool has been my choice.