Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning sissies, while Mistress Cassie is away.

Hello sissies gurls.

Winter is almost over, and spring cleaning is at hand. I expect you all to be wearing your maids uniforms and doing your very best spring cleaning. Get those feather dusters out, and use them! Dust, vacuum, clean and wash everything. I expect the house to be spotless when I get back!

I am on my way to some sun and relaxation for a short California vacation. I will be ready to hear from you all again when I get back, March 30, 2011.

Be good.

Mistress Cassie

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pretty Dresses for sissy gurls

If you have always dreamed of wearing this, you are a sissy girl!

*** Edited to remove picture and link *** (it was a beautiful ballgown, Cinderella herself would be jealous)

Of course, sissy, you might end up with a party dress, like sissy diane.

Mistress Cassie