Friday, March 18, 2011

Pretty Dresses for sissy gurls

If you have always dreamed of wearing this, you are a sissy girl!

*** Edited to remove picture and link *** (it was a beautiful ballgown, Cinderella herself would be jealous)

Of course, sissy, you might end up with a party dress, like sissy diane.

Mistress Cassie


Unknown said...

Oh, Mistress. What a lovely, wonderful gown! And accessories! And from the same store where i got my party dress. Oh, my!

i must start saving my pennies.

sissy maid diane

xdressingslut69 said...

i love dresses actually i love anything that looks sexxi on me :D

Unknown said...

This gown is absolutely darling! Any sissy would just gush from thinking about such a treasure.