Sunday, April 24, 2011

Introducing juliaslave

I have taken on the training of a little french slave girl, slavejulia. you can read about her training here, juliaslave.

So far, it seems julia wants to be a good girl, and will try very hard to please Me. wish her luck, sissies.

Now, since it is Easter, how many of you girls are wearing Easter Bonnets today?

Mistress Cassie

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sissy blog links and dildo cleaning assignment.

I have just added some more sissy blog links for you to all check out.

If you want me to add your blog, or I have accidentally missed it your previous request to add your link, please add it to the comments on this post.

Part of your sissy spring cleaning chores is to get out all of your 'toys' and clean them. I want you to dig out every little (and big) dildo, butt plug, cage, strap, vibrator, clip and anything else you have (whips and chains included) Line them all out, and give them a good thorough cleaning.

Once your toys are clean, you can play with them sissy. (of course, then you have to clean them all up again). Be sure to let us all know what fun you have. Post pics on your own blog and give us the details here, in the comments.

Mistress Cassie

Monday, April 11, 2011

Yellow frilly panties for My sissies today

Hello silly sissy gurls,

Finally, it feels like winter is over.... and now its time for some pretty yellow ruffles and frills.

Red lipstick and nails, and yellow panties... what can you do with that as a start to your day? I know you can be very very pretty, and most likely, very very flirty as well.

We all know, flirty sissies become slutty sissies... and very soon, they become naughty bad gurls....

Have fun!

Mistress Cassie