Sunday, April 24, 2011

Introducing juliaslave

I have taken on the training of a little french slave girl, slavejulia. you can read about her training here, juliaslave.

So far, it seems julia wants to be a good girl, and will try very hard to please Me. wish her luck, sissies.

Now, since it is Easter, how many of you girls are wearing Easter Bonnets today?

Mistress Cassie


Tiffany said...

Hey Mistress Cassie

I was wondering what happened to Maid Diane.. her blog page is missing and says it has been removed!

I'm a bit concerned for her!!

Last I saw she was going to buy a party dress you had selected for her (and I was very excited about it.. was such a nice girly dress).

Tiffany XX

Mistress Cassie said...

hello tiffany,

diane is fine, just busy with a new job in RL. her blog was deleted, but not by diane. We don't know yet why, but hopefully, she can find out and get it back. It is very kind of you to worry about diane.

Mistress Cassie

Tiffany said...

aaah thats good to know. I wonder where it went!

..but tell her I want to know what happened about that darling lovely party dress!

Thanks for the response Mistress Cassie *kiss*.

Diane is lucky to have such a great Mistress

Tiffany XX

Unknown said...

Hello Mistress,

A hearty welcome to slavejulia. You simply couldn't have picked a better Mistress, sweetie. Trust me. :o)

Also, many thanks to Tiffany for her concern. i'm fine, thanks.

sissy maid diane