Wednesday, May 25, 2011

sissy michelle's first panty assignment

Today, a new sissy girl called Me. sissy michelle is now going out to buy pretty panties. Amazingly, she doesn't have any pretty panties, yet... but very soon, she will. My first assignment for michelle, is to wear yellow panties. The next time she calls Me, sissy michelle must be wearing pink panties, and white stockings.

This will be fun. michelle wants to be a good girl for Mistress Cassie.

How many more good girls are reading this post who NEED to go out and buy some panties?



Tiffany said...

bah I ALWAYS need to go and buy panties Mistress.

I must say I am sorely tempted to ask permission to become your slave. I'm in desperate need of a new Mistress... and you've done such a wonderful job with Diane..

I just don't know if I can afford it :( I'm only a poor girl on a low income and I'm in the Uk too :(

But you don't need to know that nor should you care.

bah I'm torn.. confused..

I'm such a silly girl!

Tiffany x

Mistress Cassie said...

hello tiffany. This is what I tell sissies who cannot make up their minds. Call Me, if you don't feel it is right, don't call again. Simple.

One word of warning though, you will want to call again. ;)

Mistress Cassie