Friday, May 27, 2011

A very nice email from a sexy sissy

I thought I would share this letter I got from bianca today:

Hello Mistress Cassie . . .
i just wanted to send You a note to let You know that everything You talked to me about in our last session is going well. i'm wearing my panties everyday as You instructed and i've working hard at bringing bianca into all my everyday activities. i continue to remind myself that 'It's bianca's turn'. bianca is coming out in so many ways, not just in more dressing and sex games but in everyday life. Yes bianca is starting to have her turn in many things.

Although bianca hasn't yet started to blog, i have started to write down her thoughts and perspectives on her life. This is helping me focus my mind on bianca instead of my boi self and it is giving me a much clearer and more feminine perspective. Whether i'm working, or doing daily things like shopping or at the mall, bianca is leading the way now rather than being hidden away and she has so much to contribute. i have You to thank for this.

Today i'm off to run some errands and such, wearing a new pair of panties - actually i'm wearing two pairs, first a gaff to pull my clitty back between my legs and hold it in position. Over top of the gaff i'm wearing a pair of beige lace panties (very skimpy and sexy). i like wearing the gaff underneath because it allows me to wear very sexy and girlie panties without having my clitty fall and flop all over the place. i'm also wearing one of my bras and i put on some lipstick and lip gloss. Feeling the lipstick and lipgloss on my lips is just another constant reminder that bianca is my focus and that it's now her turn to shine. Thank You so much Mistress Cassie for listening and leading my journey.
bianca xxxooo


Anonymous said...

i wanted to call last night, but my clitty beat me to the punch. I never really like phone sessions......but you sound so authentic i'm willing to try. just a closet sissy here, but still a big fan of you and your friends. Keep up the good work.

Big Wet Sissy Kisses to You, michelle

Mistress Cassie said...

hello sissy michelle, I would like you to call. I am sure your little clitty can wait just a bit ;)

Mistress Cassie