Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dildos for sissies

I train My sissy cock suckers first with dildos. They can practice day and night on these beauties, working up the skills and nerve to become real cock suckers!

Mistress Cassie's recommended toy site


Have a look at these toys sissies. Put your lipstick on, and practice sucking.

Mistress Cassie

Friday, June 24, 2011

bianca is very much a sexual girl

hello sissies,

At the end of My the phone session with bianca, I asked her to write up something for My blog, here at . I am very pleased with the training progress we are making. Here are sissy bianca's comments, to share with the world:

Last night i had another wonderful session with Mistress Cassie and after it was completed she instructed me to send this letter to her to be posted on her blog at Sissy Salon. i have been sessioning with Mistress Cassie for a couple of years now but recently our relationship has been taken to a different level. Of late, Mistress has been encouraging me to live and think as a girl at all times and in all aspects of my life – as she so eloquently states: ‘its bianca’s turn – she shouldn’t be locked away in the closet somewhere. bianca deserves to come out and be a part of everything.’

Unfortunately my vanilla life still does get in the way of my sissy girl time, but what Mistress has now made clear to me is that bianca can, and should still be present in my daily life. Although i may not be able to physically dress and appear as bianca every day, my mind is always free to think and act as bianca – and thats what really counts. That’s how bianca can grow and experience things. Its also how bianca can contribute which she deserves to do because she has so much to offer.

In our earlier sessions Mistress allowed me to be physically satisfied almost every time but now our sessions have taken on a much different tone. Mistress now only allows me to have cummies one day per week. We talk a lot more and she offers me her advice on a multitude of girlie matters. Mistress Cassie is slowly exploring bianca’s deepest desires. Each session she takes me a bit further and learns a little more about how to control me. What may seem a little strange is, i find these mind bending sessions much more sensual than simply being allowed to orgasm. i’m now being programmed to satisfy others instead of myself – and my sexual desires are now being pushed to be in sync with what bianca wants, and what bianca needs. And bianca is very much a sexual girl – she loves to be pretty, she loves to tease, she loves to make out with her boyfriend, she loves to satisfy him orally and she loves anal sex.

As Mistress Cassie draws me deeper and deeper under her control, bianca continues to have her turn more and more often – and as she does so i’m finding myself growing happier and more satisfied than i’ve been in a long time. With Mistress Cassie leading me i am now ready to obey, ready to be trained and ready to be owned.

Be good sissies, and when you are ready to be pushed beyond your wildest fantasies, Call Me.

Mistress Cassie

Sunday, June 19, 2011

sissy gina's sissy faggot blog

I just sent sissy gina out with her lipstick on. she is to drive around in her car, and to go to a drive thru to purchase something to drink. If she is brave enough, she will go inside the restaurant to order. (I don't think this faggot is that brave, yet).

sissy gina's blog is up and ready, very nice, and just look at that pretty pink dildo so purchased!

Mistress Cassie

Saturday, June 18, 2011

faggy greggy, sissy gina

I just talked to sissy gina for the first time tonight. she is tired of pretending to be a man, (its just too hard to pretend anymore.) I sent this little faggot out to get panties and lipstick tonight, so we can begin her training sessions right away. gina has only one pair of pretty blue panties... a parting gift left to her by a disappointed girl friend. (something about breaking up with a sissy and a pussy, and a tiny little shrimp dick)

I am going to have fun training sissy gina, she already confessed to dreaming about kissing boys and sucking cocks.

Mistress Cassie

sissy lisa and the shemales

I had a fun call with sissy lisa last night. lisa has been calling Me for a long time, (a few years already).

Like so many of My sissy girls, lisa is a cock sucker. lisa visits shemales, and thoroughly enjoys her self, (cock sucking of course). Last night, I instructed lisa to see a shemale, it was time to lose her virginity and to get fucked. lisa was scared and excited, and will be calling Me again soon to tell Me all about her special night.

How many more sissies out there need to be pushed to lose their sissy cherry?

Mistress Cassie

Thursday, June 16, 2011

sissy queer candii

sissy queer candii has just committed to wearing panties everyday. (all sissies should wear panties everyday!)

you can follow her training on her new blog "the creation of candii". send her messages and cheer her on. this queer if a very flamboyant, over the top dildo sucker, and needs constant reminding of her commitments.

I told candii she needs to practice walking like Betty Boop, have a look at this video of Li'l Red Riding Hood - Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs (1966). Of course, sissy queer candii will be in NEON pink and orange, with glitter and sequins everywhere!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

sissy baby jazmine

I had a fun, and funny hypnosis session with little baby sissy jazmine last night. she is such a little princess baby...

I am sure she is going to have an embarrassing day today.

Ha ha ha ha

Mistress Cassie

Friday, June 03, 2011

hello little sluts

Has any of my girly gurls been out suntanning yet? sissies with tan lines make me smile. I know julia was working on her tan a while ago... hmmm, anyone else?

I want all My sissies spending some time in their bathing suits, with sunglasses, sandals, sun lotion, and smutty romantic novels.....

you will need to be shaved smooth, and wearing pretty toe and finger nail polish.

Be pretty gurls,

Mistress Cassie