Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dildos for sissies

I train My sissy cock suckers first with dildos. They can practice day and night on these beauties, working up the skills and nerve to become real cock suckers!

Mistress Cassie's recommended toy site


Have a look at these toys sissies. Put your lipstick on, and practice sucking.

Mistress Cassie


Anonymous said...

great idea! I'll look for a butt plug here!

Unknown said...

Hello Mistress Cassie,

As You know, i have had this training from You.

On page 7 of Your wonderful link there is a very familiar looking dildo, all 8 meaty inches of it: Leading Man Solid Dong, Natural

The suction cup is very useful when attached to a mirror.

A sissy gurl can see up close how her training is progessing.

sissy maid diane

Mistress Cassie said...

sissy gurls just cannot get enough cock to suck!