Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Barely Jane's sissy dancing pics

barely jane has sent Me pictures of her dancing, as required for Sissy Quest Challenge #4. It looks like she was quite a slutty girl, in her sexy gold skirt. It also looks like she had some dirty fun as well.

3 points to barely jane for being a dancing slut.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Juliaslave: moments of doubt

julia shares some of her deep thoughts being a gurl, serving a Mistress and some revelations on balance. I am sure all of My sissies have moments similar to this, a little soul searching.... I am very proud of julia for taking My advice and blogging about her feelings. This is a sure sign of progress.

Juliaslave: moments of doubt: i have been neglecting myself for 2 weeks...........not just my gurly self. Actually as soon as i neglect my gurliness (stop dressing up o...

sissy andie's blog: Nipple Piercings

Oh look, sissies, sissy andie has gotten her nipple's pierced:

sissy andie's blog: Nipple Piercings: I am somewhat of a body art and piercing enthusiast.  While speaking with Mistress Cassie last night, she commanded me to get my nipples pie...

maid diane's sissy blog: Mistress Cassie's sissy scavenger hunt Challenge #...

Here is sissymaid diane's baking day, for Challenge 3. I awarded full points for the baking and a bonus of 3 for the pretty sissy maid uniform.

maid diane's sissy blog: Mistress Cassie's sissy scavenger hunt Challenge #...: Here's my admission for Mistress Cassie's 3rd sissy.challenge . It's baking day for sissy diane. After all of these years, it's my first a...

50 sissy assignments from the past - Retro Sissy Challenge

Hey sissy gurls, if you are looking for MORE sissy training assignments, be sure to look at all of these:

Original Sissy Salon sissy training assignments

I will award Sissy Challenge points for completing these assignments as well... so many to choose from!
These are assignments I created for My sissies, 6 years or so ago, and a lot of you have previously done them, but, do them again now, for Challenge points.

Also, if there are some graphically talented sissies out there, I would like some Sissy Challenge Badges drawn up. These will be pics that sissies can post on their own blogs, showing they are participating in the Challenge. 5 points awarded to the best ones.

good night for now, pretty sissies.

Mistress Cassie

...and barely jane sends her pictures in....

sissy barely jane and Challenge 1, cummy shoes... Looks like she completed this one! 3 points for emailing Me the pictures... of course, this can be upgraded to 5 if barely jane posts them on her sissy blog.

I love pictures of sissies maids, and these ones are wonderful. The cookies look great too! 3 points for the challenge, and 3 points bonus for the pretty maids outfit.

These are pretty panties, but they are not personalized, so I cannot award any points yet for Challenge 2, however I am going to award 1 bonus point for PINK panties (My favourite)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Challenge 5: Sissy Sewing - Sissy Quest Challenge Hunt

Every sissy girl needs a little sewing kit. A few sharp needles, some pink thread, tiny scissors, a pin cushion with some pins. Oh, add in a tape measure and a thimble too.

My little sissies need to be able to hand sew (or, if they have a sewing machine that is even better).... Skirt hems always need to be stitched up..... Blouses altered... you all know how hard it is to get things to fit just right.

For this challenge, you must sew something. your pictures also have to include your sissy sewing kit. You can mend something, or sew something knew,... be creative sissy girls... and mind those sharp needles.

Challenge 4: Sissy Dancing - Sissy Quest Challenge Hunt

Today's Sissy Challenge is all about Dancing. Sissy girls should be graceful, and good dancers. They might be sexy and seductive, vegas showgirls, square dancing cowgirls, or little Shirley Temples, but no matter what, sissies should DANCE.

Get dressed up, including your DANCING SHOES, put the music on, and DANCE. Just Dance!

Be sure to share the pictures with Me(us), a video would even be better!

you know the drill. Points awarded for dancing sissies.

Mistress Cassie

maid diane's sissy blog: Mistress Cassie's sissy scavenger hunt Challenge #...

maid diane's sissy blog: Mistress Cassie's sissy scavenger hunt Challenge #...: Well, here it is one week after receiving Mistress Cassie's 2nd challenge . i ordered these sissy panties. Listed by Mistress Cassie a...

Friday, August 19, 2011

sissy andie has some new panties!

I see London,
I see France,
I see sissy andie's underpants


who is next? who is going to model some new panties for us all too see.

sissy andie is going to look good in these blue panties, starting on tuesday.

3 points for the pretty panties!

of course, when sissy andie gets a bit braver and starts her own blog, she can be upgraded to 5 points.
UPDATE: sissy andie's blog
This blog is devoted to the life of a transvestite.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Challenge 3: Sissy Baking - Sissy Quest Challenge Hunt

I am so glad to see so many sissies taking up the challenges. Don't forget, you can do them in any order, all of them, or just a few...

I also like My sissies to submit ideas for future challenges.

A couple of my gurls, julia and gina specifically, like to cook, an excellent way to please the Mistress, as well as My friends.

This challenge is to bake a sweet treat. Cake, Cookies, Pies, anything sweet like a sissy should be.

Full points for pictures of the baking event, and the resulting yummies. Bonus points for pictures of the sissy serving up the yummies. (sissies should be very good at serving!)

Mistress Cassie

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Challenge 2: Personalized Sissy Panties - Sissy Quest Challenge Hunt

sissy tammy asked Me about getting personalized panties, (she loves the one sissy maid diane is wearing in the header of her blog here)

Personalized Sissy Panties is such a good idea that I started a quick online search to see what was already available. This is what I found so far.

Hanky Panky It looks like rhinestones!

Custom Panties I like the "Property of " section the best.

University Fashions Lots of options for text, colours, font etc, in my favourite, Embroidery.

Custom Glam Girl hmm, glam sissy?

Manties This is My choice of customized sissy panties. Have fun shopping sissy gurls.

So, now that all you silly pantie wearing sissy gurls are all excited about new panties, I can give you a hint about what the next Challenge is, in the Sissy Quest Scavenger Hunt.

HINT: Personalized sissy panties.

5 points for a picture of you in Property of Mistress Cassie panties. Plus 5 points bonus if you are one of my callers.

5 points for a picture of you in sissy panties with your name on them.

Half points for a picture of you in any panties.

Have fun sissy girls.

Mistress Cassie

Friday, August 12, 2011

Challenge 1: Cummy High Heels - Sissy Quest Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to sissy marti for this idea......

marti and I love sissies in high heels. (I am sure all of you do as well). This challenge is to dress up in your sexiest heels and stockings, and, eventually lick your cum off of those sexy high heels.

Full points will be awarded to sissies who provide a picture of themselves licking their cum off of the high heels. Bonus points for sexy lingerie, make up, wigs, props, etc.

Half points for pics of cummy high heels without the sissy in the shot.

Okay sissy girls, lets play.

Sissy Quest Scavenger Hunt rules

Hello girly girls.

Today is the beginning of the Sissy Quest Scavenger Hunt. How this works is I am going to put out a challenge, or quest every now and then. your part of this game is to do what is requested in the challenge, and post a picture on your blog proving you have done so, and then link it to the quest comments. (If you don't have a blog, you can email me the picture at mistress.cassie@yahoo.com and I will post it)

* 5 points for posting the picture of you completing challenge on your blog. (put the link in comments below the challenge.

* 3 points for emailing me the picture of you completing the challenge. (let me know if you want me to post it or not for you)

* 1 point for commenting and posting a link to a website with someone else that just happens to be completing the challenge (but not you)

you can join in and play at anytime throughout the game, and I will post the points on the side of My blog.

I will award bonus points for extra special achievements, as I see fit. And, of course, change the rules as necessary. (I am Mistress Cassie after all)

There will be prizes, most likely free 15 minute calls with Me, if enough sissy gurls play along.

Oh, almost forgot. I will award 5 bonus points for posting about the Sissy Quest Scavenger Hunt on your website/blog. The more sissies who join us to play, the more fun it will be.

Mistress Cassie

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sissy Quest

I am planning a special online event for sissies.

Check back often for more details.

Mistress Cassie

Thursday, August 04, 2011

This looks like some sissy fun; The Esprit Gala

One of My long time gurls, rebecca told Me about the Esprit Gala

I know many of my girly gurls will love this. A week of dressing up and going about the town with girlfriends! Here is an exerpt copied from the Esprit website:

It's time again...

...to be dreaming, thinking, and planning for the best week in the coming year -- a week of fun, freedom, and friendships! Yes, it's time to get serious about Esprit!

Esprit focuses on changing lives for the better and creating pride and self-respect for anyone who is transgendered. Educational, inspirational, and experimental, Esprit is steeped in prospects for personal growth and friendship. But most of all, Esprit is about fun in a magnificant setting among a friendly and accepting local population. It's an opportunity for you to spread your wings for an entire week and have a ball!

If you thought last year was good, wait until you see this year's Esprit! Volunteers are organizing a packed exciting agenda you won't want to miss.

So what is Esprit? Think of Esprit as a combination of college, sorority, shopping and sightseeing tourist fling, high society parties, and slumber party all rolled into one. Yes, it's ridiculously unrealistic as most vacations are, but that's also what makes it so memorable and fun. Where else can you attend classes dealing with fun and serious topics (without tests!), mill around a mini-mall right inside the hotel with resources who understand your unique needs, wander into town dressed as you wish and be doted on by restaurants and shopkeepers, pop into girlfriends' rooms to gab or borrow a needed item of clothing, and dress up in a gown and party the night away...all in the same day?

Complete Panty Schedule now posted

My pretty sissy army uniform schedule:

Wednesday- Yellow Panties

Thursday - Pink Panties

Friday - Green Panties

Saturday - Red Panties

Sunday - White Panties

Monday - Purple Panties

Tuesday - Blue Panties


Also, check out My first cuckold assignment for maid diane :