Sunday, August 21, 2011

50 sissy assignments from the past - Retro Sissy Challenge

Hey sissy gurls, if you are looking for MORE sissy training assignments, be sure to look at all of these:

Original Sissy Salon sissy training assignments

I will award Sissy Challenge points for completing these assignments as well... so many to choose from!
These are assignments I created for My sissies, 6 years or so ago, and a lot of you have previously done them, but, do them again now, for Challenge points.

Also, if there are some graphically talented sissies out there, I would like some Sissy Challenge Badges drawn up. These will be pics that sissies can post on their own blogs, showing they are participating in the Challenge. 5 points awarded to the best ones.

good night for now, pretty sissies.

Mistress Cassie

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