Sunday, August 21, 2011

...and barely jane sends her pictures in....

sissy barely jane and Challenge 1, cummy shoes... Looks like she completed this one! 3 points for emailing Me the pictures... of course, this can be upgraded to 5 if barely jane posts them on her sissy blog.

I love pictures of sissies maids, and these ones are wonderful. The cookies look great too! 3 points for the challenge, and 3 points bonus for the pretty maids outfit.

These are pretty panties, but they are not personalized, so I cannot award any points yet for Challenge 2, however I am going to award 1 bonus point for PINK panties (My favourite)


Anonymous said...

These are lovely pics!

I came to your blog from Maid diane's page... she is just the sweetest sissy girl!! :)


Mistress Cassie said...

welcome, sara, are you ready to play with us?

Barely Jane said...

I hope so! I would love to meet you sara.