Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Barely Jane's sissy dancing pics

barely jane has sent Me pictures of her dancing, as required for Sissy Quest Challenge #4. It looks like she was quite a slutty girl, in her sexy gold skirt. It also looks like she had some dirty fun as well.

3 points to barely jane for being a dancing slut.


Barely Jane said...

Hello Mistress, I do look like such a little dancing slut don't I??? I would like to suggest a quest for your sissies. How about a photoshop quest? Where your sissies have to photoshop themselves into a compromising position? It could be there choice, but more exciting, it could be your choice. I bet your devious mind could think of something we dont -want- to photoshop ourselves into :) what do you think?

Barely Jane said...

Also, how would you like us to post proof of the retro quests? I recently did the showing lace. I was wearing leopard print panties with a lacy top and stopped to tie my shoe outside of a gym. To my chagrin (and maybe i liked it) two ladies walked out. They saw me kneeling and I heard one of them say, "He is wearing girl panties, haha" and her friend said "Yeah he is." OMG! I was so embarrassed but what a rush.

Mistress Cassie said...

Hello jane,
Show Me a photo shopped picture as an example. This sounds like a fun idea.

Good girl for showing some lace! you will have to just post your proof like you did, in a comment on one of the current posts, and link to your own blog (make one if you don't have one) The best thing about having a blog is you can post pictures if you, and of course, tell us everything!

Mistress Cassie

Barely Jane said...

Well, the last pic in the dancing series is photoshopped! Wish it was real, hehehe... But I will try to do another example. Maybe serving cookies on a plane?