Saturday, August 13, 2011

Challenge 2: Personalized Sissy Panties - Sissy Quest Challenge Hunt

sissy tammy asked Me about getting personalized panties, (she loves the one sissy maid diane is wearing in the header of her blog here)

Personalized Sissy Panties is such a good idea that I started a quick online search to see what was already available. This is what I found so far.

Hanky Panky It looks like rhinestones!

Custom Panties I like the "Property of " section the best.

University Fashions Lots of options for text, colours, font etc, in my favourite, Embroidery.

Custom Glam Girl hmm, glam sissy?

Manties This is My choice of customized sissy panties. Have fun shopping sissy gurls.

So, now that all you silly pantie wearing sissy gurls are all excited about new panties, I can give you a hint about what the next Challenge is, in the Sissy Quest Scavenger Hunt.

HINT: Personalized sissy panties.

5 points for a picture of you in Property of Mistress Cassie panties. Plus 5 points bonus if you are one of my callers.

5 points for a picture of you in sissy panties with your name on them.

Half points for a picture of you in any panties.

Have fun sissy girls.

Mistress Cassie


Unknown said...

Hello Mistress,

How wonderful!

It looks like i'll be adding to my embroidered sissy panties collection..:o)

sissy maid diane

Mistress Cassie said...

I am looking forward to seeing some pretty ruffly sissy panties!

Unknown said...

Hello Mistress Cassie,

It won't be long now, Mistress. i'm quite confident that You will see me in some new pretty, ruffly 'Property of Mistress Cassie' sissy panties this week. i certainly don't want to keep Mistress waiting........

sissy maid diane