Thursday, August 04, 2011

Complete Panty Schedule now posted

My pretty sissy army uniform schedule:

Wednesday- Yellow Panties

Thursday - Pink Panties

Friday - Green Panties

Saturday - Red Panties

Sunday - White Panties

Monday - Purple Panties

Tuesday - Blue Panties


Also, check out My first cuckold assignment for maid diane :


Unknown said...

Hello Mistress Cassie,

This is wonderful! Having been panty trained by You for years now, i no longer have to decide which color to wear every day.

Fortunately i have plenty of all of these wonderful colors to choose from!

Happily, i am wearing my favorite pink panties today as i read this great news. Now i will undoubtedly feel even more trained. Even though i haven't even owned any boy underpants for some time, i suddenly feel properly 100% panty trained. It was worth the wait just to read it here. So exciting!

i am so happy and proud to be a pantied sissy 'soldier' in Your army of sissies!

Oh, and wearing red panties this Saturday will go very nicely with my red corset while i am undergoing my first round of cuckold training by You.

Thank You, Mistress for sharing that bit of news here as well.

sissy maid diane

kathi said...

Thank you for posting the panty daily colors. i will need to get several colors to be able to follow. i only have red pink and white.

Barely Jane said...

Thought you'd like to know I am out at dinner in my red panties! And earlier tonight took some shots for the high heel challenge. Hopefully they came out well so I can post.