Thursday, August 04, 2011

This looks like some sissy fun; The Esprit Gala

One of My long time gurls, rebecca told Me about the Esprit Gala

I know many of my girly gurls will love this. A week of dressing up and going about the town with girlfriends! Here is an exerpt copied from the Esprit website:

It's time again... be dreaming, thinking, and planning for the best week in the coming year -- a week of fun, freedom, and friendships! Yes, it's time to get serious about Esprit!

Esprit focuses on changing lives for the better and creating pride and self-respect for anyone who is transgendered. Educational, inspirational, and experimental, Esprit is steeped in prospects for personal growth and friendship. But most of all, Esprit is about fun in a magnificant setting among a friendly and accepting local population. It's an opportunity for you to spread your wings for an entire week and have a ball!

If you thought last year was good, wait until you see this year's Esprit! Volunteers are organizing a packed exciting agenda you won't want to miss.

So what is Esprit? Think of Esprit as a combination of college, sorority, shopping and sightseeing tourist fling, high society parties, and slumber party all rolled into one. Yes, it's ridiculously unrealistic as most vacations are, but that's also what makes it so memorable and fun. Where else can you attend classes dealing with fun and serious topics (without tests!), mill around a mini-mall right inside the hotel with resources who understand your unique needs, wander into town dressed as you wish and be doted on by restaurants and shopkeepers, pop into girlfriends' rooms to gab or borrow a needed item of clothing, and dress up in a gown and party the night away...all in the same day?


Unknown said...

Hello Mistress Cassie,

Wow, this does sound like fun - to say the least. A sissy vacation of a life time.

If it wasn't across the country (and a week!?)i might just sign up now. But something to dream about when i'm not dreaming of my Mistress.

sissy maid diane

Fredrick said...

Ms Cassie

One thing You left out but the web page does talk about is its location in Port Angeles.
Having been in and around that town on many fishing excursions to cape flattery i can truly say that it is a very lovely city. Located along the straights of Juan De Fuca with the towering snow capped Olympic Mountains at its back the city is in a location of un- matched natural beauty.