Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Any sweater girls out there?

The weather cooled off a bit today, reminding me of soft fuzzy pink sweater girls.    How are my sissy girls doing?
10 points for fuzzy sweater girl pictures.

Mistress Cassie


Anonymous said...

Nothing leaves me feeling more girly, submissive and femmy like a beautiful angora sweater. i had a cummy once without touching my 'little princess', just feeling the sensations of a white angora crop sweater against my body (and wearing a plug). i purged my sweaters and i miss them so much :( chloe x

Unknown said...

Hello Mistress Cassie,

It has cooled off here lately as well. Definitely sweater weather.

i believe i own a fuzzy cashmere sweater. i think it's time to put it on. :o)

sissy maid diane

Barely Jane said...

I have a beautiful sweater dress! Would love to post a pic of me in it :)