Saturday, September 17, 2011

sissymaid diane and the "Best Lock"

I see sissymaid diane is ready for the "Best Lock" on her cage. I have the key to that lock. I wonder how much fun I can have once I hear that delicious little 'click' of the lock closing......

maid diane's sissy blog: Br careful what you ask for....losing big at 'the ...: Mistress Cassie has been know to coin the phrase "be careful what you ask for". As She has feminized me, and continues to do so, i have le...


Unknown said...

Hello Mistress Cassie,

i have fretted about that key for months now. i'm not sure it's a matter of ready for it, or worn down by the thought. :o)

Whatever the reason, i always want to make You happy.

Thank You for posting my blog entry here.

sissy maid diane

Barely Jane said...

So what is the picture game?

Unknown said...

Ji Jane,

It's complicated, but i'll post about it tonight if you wish to check it out: