Thursday, December 13, 2012

in which we talk about feminization

Hello sissies,
This is a busy month for everyone,  Me included.   I am going away for Christmas,   just a few days I think, but  in the meantime,  I must get ready.    That means I need to talk to each and everyone one of you about  your sissification progress this year,  and our plans for next year.
I need to be sure you are ready for all the fun over the holidays, and that you are keeping your grooming up. Yes,  you must continue to be good sissy girls for Me.

I had an interesting call last night with "sissy panties"!  We usually talk about all the frills and ruffles and lace I dress her up in. " sissy panties" loves  pink and absolutely adores  lacey frilly ruffly froufrou panties.   The frillier the better.

I wonder how  sissy chloe is this weekend.    I think she is out shopping for  sexy fuzzy pink sweaters and  short tight pink pencil skirts.

sissy julia  is snowed under.  I told her to show her panties to the men her neighborhood and they would be happy to help her shovel the sidewalks.  LOL

slutty amy  is ready to have an escort come over and dominate her.    I am going to be sure it is a shemale escort and that she gets what she NEEDS.  

I expect  sissy rebecca to be wearing panties everyday,  even to work under her old boy clothes.   panties and stockings that is.

who have I missed in this list?  lots.

Here are a few pics of sissy baby jazzmine...       so frilly!

Here is a video from slutty tiana:

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

sissylips bobby

How about this pretty picture from    sissylips bobby!

(edited to remove picture - sissylips bobby has asked me to take his pic down.)

what a nice shaving job.

How about this message from MAN for slut chloe:

Hi Cassie
Txxxxxx of chix fancy using your sissy for some fun will take pics to prove she has behaved herself with me in London
Cheers Txxxxxx

sissy rebecca is dreaming about surgery, and breast implants.      I am going to make her go to the doctor for a consultation.   There is no way out.

sparkle-cocksucker  shared these cuckolding  links. I've read several reports Christina Agularia is maybe a bigger cuckoldress than Angie Jolie.

faggot  tiana  sent Me this message:

 Hello Mistress.  I just finished sucking and getting fucked.  I feel so deeply hypnotized under your spell, Mistress.  Please hypnotize me deeper, Mistress.  I want to be under your spell forever, Mistress.  I will always obey, Mistress.  

and,   sissybaby jazmine wants to grow up and be a  sissy slut girl...  wish her luck.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

chloe is a good slutty sissy for Mistress Cassie

chloe cashmere: Sissy phonesex slut. Pimped out sissy whore.Call m...: Licked all my sissy clitty cum off my leathe...

sissy blogs by sissy sluts

-tanya has been working on her blog,   not sure if I can link to it... but will try to.        I just joined  google+ ,  but not quite sure what to do with it, or how to use it... LOL    

-here is an email and  video from slutty tim:  

 Hello Mistress,It's your hypnotized, cock sucking, ass fucked, girly slave Tim. I hope you're doing well, Mistress. Here is the video you commanded me to make of me dancing girly and slutty to Lady Gaga in my new pink thong panties. I hope you like it. I feel se very girly now, Mistress. I love what you've done to me, and I love you. I am, and will always be, your hypnotized girly slave, Mistress. I will always obey, Mistress,
With greatest love and obedience,
slave tim.

- slut rod  sent these 2 emails:
Mistress, After our session the other day, I immediately starting looking for cock. All of my prospects on Craigslist did not work out even the I tried very hard to hookup with somebody. I started getting that apprehensive feeling again. I'm still looking for prospects, but not as hard. Do I need more conditioning? How would a trigger work when you plant it? How do you well, trigger it? Please understand, my desire is to eventually get fucked and used in whatever a man or men wants to satify his cravings. Your willing cockslut.
Mistress, Thank you for the phone session today. I'm am trying to get out the door to find men without my wife getting suspicious. I am wanting cock so bad right now I can hardly stand it. I don't care who I find, I just want them to use me for their pleasure, not mine. My pleasure will come from hearing their moans and groans and their satisfaction of shooting a huge load. I want to do whatever they tell me. Even now I hear your voice in my head. I don't know what to do yet when my wife wants sex, it is not my desire. Under your control, Faggot Rod

- sissy baby jasmine has sent Me this pictures...  but, since baby jasmine is a very bad baby, prone to falsehoods, I don't know if they are her real pictures or not.  They are very pretty, and I like them, so I will post them for everyone to see.:

I have also been talking to      Rebecca,  loserjackie, faggots greggy, chris and ed, and of course sissypanties and   julia and chloe and  sarah.

So,  sissy girls and naughty fags, who has updated their blogs?  (Me finally)  I will  feature your blogs if you send Me the links.

Mistress Cassie

Sissy Baking?

Its a cold rainy day here,  sissy girls,   and Mistress Cassie wants  fresh baked cookies and a cup of hot chocolate.  Who is going to be the first girl to post a picture of herself,  with an apron, oven mitts and  some baking?  
I remember  a while ago  sissy maid diane did this for Me,      lets find a link to her picture,  and start off a little sissy slutty bake-a-thon.    or,  bake a thong, if you are a real naughty girl!

In the meantime, I am going to do some posting and linking... lots of  My girly girls have been keeping in touch, blogging, and being  very good sissies for Me.      

stay tuned....

Sunday, September 16, 2012

sissy baby jason/jazmine from Edmonton Alberta

MistressCassie: okay baby...   what have you been doing today?
Sissy Jazmine: Nothing too much mommy
Sissy Jazmine: Helped my parents with som stuff earlier today
MistressCassie: where you wearing your big thick baby diapers?
Sissy Jazmine: Kind of.. I had 3 on mommy
MistressCassie: ha haha,   what a baby.....
Sissy Jazmine:
MistressCassie: how many are you wearing now?
Sissy Jazmine: 9..
MistressCassie: 9 pairs?  oh my
MistressCassie: fat ass baby
MistressCassie: are they wet diapers?
Sissy Jazmine:  yes it is mommy
Sissy Jazmine: Yes..
MistressCassie: stinky baby
Sissy Jazmine: Im sowwy mommy
MistressCassie: what else are you wearing?
Sissy Jazmine: A babydoll, make up, chastity, butt plug and a bonnet
MistressCassie: HA HA HA HA HA
MistressCassie: and a bonnet.. like the icing on a cupcake..  ha ha ha hah a
Sissy Jazmine:
MistressCassie: what about lipstick?
Sissy Jazmine: Yes mommy
MistressCassie: since you are a ridiculous  sissy baby,  you need lipstick too
MistressCassie: and a big pink bow
Sissy Jazmine: Yes.. Thank you mommy
Sissy Jazmine: <3 p="p">MistressCassie: I think you need to go to Sears or Superstore, and get your baby photos done
Sissy Jazmine:
MistressCassie: sit up on a big soft fuzzy tabletop and get your pictures taken
Sissy Jazmine:
MistressCassie: yes,  with a teddybear, or a dolly too
Sissy Jazmine: Ooh mommy
Sissy Jazmine: Im leaking cum outta my chastity
MistressCassie: you need to make a photo appointment
MistressCassie: and you can show the photographer your leaky diapers too
MistressCassie: maybe he likes  wet babies
MistressCassie: and knows what to do when he pulls out your plug
MistressCassie: ha ha ha ha
Sissy Jazmine:
Sissy Jazmine: Yes mommy
MistressCassie: get used to the chastity though, it  doesn't come off
Sissy Jazmine: Never..???
Sissy Jazmine:
MistressCassie: babies don't need to cum
Sissy Jazmine: Ooohh
MistressCassie: babies don't need orgasms
Sissy Jazmine: Makes baby want to beg mommy to tell everyone about baby again..
MistressCassie: babies cant masturbate
Sissy Jazmine:
MistressCassie: ha ha ha
MistressCassie: I will send your picture to the Edmonton Sun
MistressCassie: ha ha ha
Sissy Jazmine: Please mommy..
Sissy Jazmine: I beg you!
MistressCassie: ha ha ha
MistressCassie: begging will get you into trouble.  HA HA HA dumb baby
Sissy Jazmine: Please oh please mommy
Sissy Jazmine: I beg you...  !
Sissy Jazmine: Pwetty pwetty pweaaase
MistressCassie: ha hahahaha
Sissy Jazmine: Ooh mommu i beg you!! Pleasssee!!
MistressCassie: hmm,  maybe
Sissy Jazmine: Ill do anything please oh please!!  i beg you mommy
MistressCassie: careful what you wish for
Sissy Jazmine: Pleeeaaasse mommy
Sissy Jazmine is typing...
Sissy Jazmine: I beg you like the sissy baby i am please oh pleasse mommy !! I ur humble servant baby jasmine beg you!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

chloe cashmere: Officially pimped - sissy phone whore

chloe cashmere: Officially pimped - sissy phone whore: It's finally happened. i'm a slutty phone whore for Mistress Cassie. Everyday i will get all dressed up and wait for Male callers to phon...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pimped Sissies

Hello sissy girls.  chloe has passed this on to Me, and I like it.  I have been talking to julia and chloe about pimping them out as sissy phone sluts, and now we have a way to do so.  Let's see how this works out.

Greedy Sissies: Sluts For Hire!: Pimp Your Sissy:  If you are a Dominant Female who owns* a sissy gurl slave that you would like pimped out on our phone line, contact GreedySnobs or ...

Cuckold Pass for Cheryls

Cocksucker,  one of My long time submissives  has offered a personal sacrifice today.

At one time in her life,  Cocksucker  was  cuckolded by a woman named Cheryl.    As a way to  honor Me, and that Cheryl from her past,  Cocksucker gives a 'lifetime free cuckold pass' to any woman named Cheryl.  What this means is that if at any time in her life, Cocksucker dates another Cheryl,  she will be instantly bound to accept being cuckolded.

Cocksucker also challenges  all of My sissies to choose a name (either from your past, or at random) and make the same Cuckolding Pact.    If  three or more sissies step up and make this Cuckolding Pact,   Cocksucker will make another sacrifice.  (with all women named Paula this time)

So,  who will be next?   Who will come forward and declare a name of Woman for the Lifetime Free Cuckold Pass?    I am going to have fun with this.    Here are a list of woman's names to choose from:
Gail, Joyce, Judy, Eve, Erica, Lindsey, Donna, Marion, Ashley, Michelle, Tracey, Janice, Karen, Samantha, Kathryn.    Or, pick one from your past.   Post in the comments section so we can all see!

Mistress Cassie

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hello sissies

As you can see, I have posted links to some of the recent postings of my slutty sissies, julia, chloe, and diane.  These girliegirls  have been very good  at updating their sissy blogs.    They have also been  patient in waiting for me while I have been unreachable lately.  (I have been knocked on My perfect Mistress Ass with a monster of a cold)        I am happy to say that I am on the mend,  and  ready to continue  pussifying My sissy girls.

Yes, that means you, silly sissy.   you are here, reading,  so excited to see what happens when you fall under My forever sissy trap.  

There is no escape.

you are mine.

now be a good girl,  and put on fresh lipstick,  suck that dildo,  and get ready to learn how to please a Real Man.


maid diane's sissy blog: sissy career building day

maid diane's sissy blog: sissy career building day: i'm still in a bit of limbo (unemployed) these days, trying to figure out what comes next career wise. As a result, i'm home more often...

chloe cashmere: Hungry for cocks

chloe cashmere: Hungry for cocks: For any Men. i am a young and slim, convincing sissy slut. All i want is to dress up in pretty clothes and silky underwear and please my Mis...

chloe cashmere: A warning to all sissies

chloe cashmere: A warning to all sissies: A whole year has passed since i began writing this blog. It's amazing how far i have come since my first post. It's about how my sissy cr...

Juliaslave: feed me

Juliaslave: feed me: Yesterday Mistress said She would link to my blog so that Her cock-hungry sissy could put her mouth and warm-invitinfg pussy to good use...

Juliaslave: cock-sucking whore

Juliaslave: cock-sucking whore: i can not believe i have written these words as the title to this post !  When Mistress Cassie took me in April 2011, i just loved to occ...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

to sissy maid diane

It's time for a bubble bath and a shave,   diane,  
it's time for some pink nail polish 
and lipstick, sissy.

and the rest will all fall into place.

... now what do we call these?  ...   oh yes,    the  "pussification dominos'

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...        sissymaid  diane  coined a new pharse...    bravo diane.

Its time for a new  sissy maid diane post.  

do not keep Me waiting.

Mistress Cassie

Monday, July 16, 2012

BarleyJane's tan lines!

I recieved this wonderful email from barely jane, and want to show off here bikini lines.     Good  girl jane,  you have done well.

Hi Mistress Cassie!
I would like to submit these pictures for the tan line challenge.  I know it's a little late but better late than never!  It's early summer so still working on the lines, but you can see I am hard at work!
Love you!

Enchanted Hypnosis: A letter from hypno-slave cocksuckertim

Enchanted Hypnosis: A letter from hypno-slave cocksuckertim: My New Life as Mistress Cassie’s Hypnotized Slave       Ever since I was young, I’ve always had a fascination with hypnosis.  It wasn’...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

sissy diana: Avon Shopper

I wonder how many other sissies are  Avon Catalogue Shoppers,  like  sissy diana?  

diana asks her Avon Consultant  for feminizing suggestions, and then orders all the girlie things.   So far the list of  purchases includes  make up, nail polish,  high heels, bath and spa products, and a very pretty  baby dolls pajama outfit.    (and many more pretty things too)

good girl,  diana.   I am sure your  dolly,  Princess Jazmin loves to see you  try on and use all of your new girly things!   good sissy.

barely jane: sissy girl

Lets have some fun with  barely jane.  she wants to win the sissy challenge....  hmmmm,  what should she do to earn extra points?

I am going to post a poll,   be sure to vote on it, and barely jane will have to do whatever task has the most votes!  I can add to the poll, so if you have some suggestions, post them here.

oh,  this might be  fun!

sissy jazmine: cocksucker

I see that more sissies want in on the fun!   Look at the message I found on my computer today:;

Sissy Jazmine: Mistress can you
Sissy Jazmine: You please  set me up with the same thing chloe got on ur site, ill suck any cock in Alberta,  Mistress Cassie for you!

There should be lots of  sissy cock sucking going on now....    See  sissy jazmine at  Princess Jason Blog

Thursday, June 21, 2012

chloe cashmere: cocksucker

chloe cashmere: cocksucker: This sissy, chloe cashmere will now suck any men in the UK's cock. Please contact Mistress Cassie to arrange by clicking on Her picture abov...


I have started updating again. The website is very outdated (which is fine for losers) and has served very well in the past. I am transferring over some of the content to the LoserAbuse Blog for now. Soon the old website will be replaced and once again, I will be fucking up the pathetic losers out there. (you know who you are)

 In the meantime, here are a few movie sites for the losers to jack off to. And yes, we all know you are sitting there jerking off looking at the pictures and watching the action. We also all know that's the best you will ever get. Just jacking off watching cheap internet porn. HA HA HA... losers.

Gay Movies
Dominatrix Movies
Fetish Movies
Shemale Movies
Spanking Movies

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mistress Cassie on Niteflirt

This is the new  Niteflirt Call Button for Me.

Click here sissies!

Call Mistress Cassie for Sissy Training Sessions on

Mistress puts sissy to work sucking cocks!

Hello sissies.   I have been thinking about you all, and thought you might like to know how I have been.

I was  one whole month without My laptop,  but it is repaired now (hopefully it continues to work).  
Last week,  I was very busy working with some of My friends on a movie.  My original task was to be set design, but that soon expanded to just about everything....  helping where needed.   It was a lot of fun.  The movie is about  ski racing,  so  this was just some  off season behind the scenes stuff.  Most of it will be made next winter.
Last night,  a very bad thing happened to My car.  Smoke and steam...  now, today,  the mechanic says a there is a leak in the cylinder head gasket.......      What is import for sissies to notice is the word HEAD.  This is important because all My sissies will be  focusing on  giving HEAD.   Yes,   a  sissy blowjob giving festival.   In fact,  I will be pimping out as many of My cock sucking sissies as possible,   to pay for the repairs.   The repair estimate is $2500.   How many blow jobs will that be?

sissy  jazzmine (formerly  sissy baby jazzy)  is now a big girl,   and she will be  sucking cock for Me.   Today,  I granted  sissy jazzmine (boy name  Jason) permission to  come out of chastity to eat cum.   From now on,   jazzy can only remove the chastity device to eat cum....     she is such a slutty sissy now.  I wonder how much  cock she will suck this week?

Hello to all My sissy cock suckers.  This is your BlowJob week.  Get busy on your knees girlies.  I am pimping you out!
Loser jackie told Me this morning that Robert was cumming over for a blowjob today
Timothy has been sucking cock for Me for months,  now he can step up the pace and take  2 or 3 cocks at a time.

I chatted with  julia last night.  She has not sucked a cock yet,  but I am sure she will be  practicing on her dildo for Me.  (julia is a bit of a shy virgin sissy.... for now.....)

Oh, and of course,  sissy queer candii has been deep throating   a big  HUGE  glow in the dark  dildo,  gagging and chocking on cock for Me.

So many sissies,  girly girls and sluts,   bianca,  amy, beyonce, diana, sparklecocksucker, gina,  cindy, candy, suzy, pussylips and more...
So many  faggots,  christopher,  edward,  thomas,  dylan,  nicky,...
So many losers too,  jackie, crybaby, fuckface,   and all the nameless losers too.
So many cocks to suck....

On your knees cock suckers, you car repairs to pay for!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

uggg, computers suck! (just like sissies) hehehe

Hi sissy girls.

Just thought I would leave a post for you tonight.   Are you all being good girls? Pretty girls? Slutty girls?

I've talked to a few of you in the last few days,  and there seems to be some  SLACKERS!

chloe,  who has been having fun shopping for soft sweaters and  silky lingerie  confessed to Me tonight that she has NOT been dressing this week.   Oh,  that is a bad girl.   But no matter.  It is always easy to start up again chloe.  Just put on the panties, and away you go,   all femmy and  pretty again.

sissy queer candii has been a very good girl,  also shopping online for sissy things.   candii and I found the most loveable adult  tutuu's.  They come in every imaginable colour and accessory.  Just perfect for fruu fruu girls!  

sissy jasmine  has been obsessing over  black cocks... what a slutty baby girl!  (and sparkle is always thinking about big black cocks too....)

and, a quick hello to  julia, bianca, amy, abbey, diane, rebecca, beyonce, andi, chrissy, nicki, jackie,  gina,  and all the other  sissy girls.

also,  a quick hello to the cock suckers,  david, jason, jackie, ed, chirstopher, and the rest.

So,   last week, my computer died.  Uggg.   It will take about 11 days before the technicians can diagnose it. WTF?    In the meantime I bought the cheapest laptop I could find... and its working fine,  although  I have to start over collecting all My links and shortcuts, etc.    See sissies,   everyone has to start over sometimes.    Sissies start the feminization process over and over,  and I have to start with a new computer,  again....   :)

I hope to talk to you soon,  sissy girls.  I'll make sure you are mincing along in the most prettiest sissy way.

Mistress Cassie

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Spring is coming, a perfect time for sissies

Hello sissies,     do you have your  pretty yellow springtime sissy dresses ready?   How about the other pastel colours?  pink, lavendar, yellow, mint green,  robin's egg blue?    all  such  pretty girly colours.    don't forget, lots of  flowers and ribbons!

I am pleased with the progress of My sissy girls,  and now want  some new pictures to post..  pretty  spring time coloured dresses to show everyone here.

I've been talking to a full range of sissies,    from the little and sweet pretty girls,  all the way up to their older and sluttier big sisters!     Hello   chloe, jenny, amy, beyonce, diane, bianca, jazzmine, vanessa, andi, rikki, rebecca, gina, kim, sparkle, candi, cindy, julia,  trixie,  and sami.     (forgive Me if I have missed your name on this little list)

Be good girls now,  and look after your  pretty  lingerie, your  shoes, and purses.  I want a complete update next time you call.

Mistress Cassie

Sunday, January 29, 2012

sissy jazmine pictures

If you want to talk to sissy baby jasmine,  send her a mail at

sissy baby jazzy

I have posted about  little baby jazmine before.  Jason Schmaus was her  boy name,   when, before,  she used to be a boy.  Of course,  sissy baby's are  NOT boys,  never were boys, and never will be men.  

ha ha ha ha ha ha

sissy baby jazmine is a  little sissy girl,  in  diapers and plastic panties.   she sucks dildos, and pees her diapers.

she has a stuffed bunny to sleep with...  and  will never NEVER NEVER NEVER  have a real girlfriend.

sissy jazzy is not allowed to cum.. of course!  babies don't cum.  

poor baby,   ha ha ha ha..  she can't even get her little clitty hard anymore.   what a baby.

ha ha ha ha ha

Monday, January 09, 2012

some sissy news

Hi sissy girls!   I thought you might like to hear what I have been  doing lately.  Anyone can easily see,  it has not been posting blogs!   Anyway,  here are some juicy details:

  • punishing sissy diane (who is normally such a good girl)  for being  arrogant and stupid.  you can read all about that on her blog,  Learning sissy humility the hard way
  • sparkle,  the sissy formerly known as kimberly cock sucker,   has  ordered a chastity device.   The CB6000 (I believe that is the instrument of control she ordered) has arrived, and  we have had a first fitting session.  It didn't fit well, so  sparkle is ordering a different part.    
  • rebecca,  a shy and sometimes reluctant sissy,  is  struggling with sending in her femmy pictures.  rebecca  dresses often, almost daily, but only for herself...   now what kind of girly doesn't send her pictures to Mistress Cassie? one who is going to get into trouble!
  • julia,  across the ocean checks in now and then to update Me on her feminization progress.   Don't stop, julia, you must continue to look after your pretty self...
  • sissy gina,  who sometimes is  little faggy greggy is trying to be a man right now.    We all know he is not a man at all.  ha ha ha ha..   not a man at all.
  • baby jazmine is trying to date girls,   but of course, her noisy diapers and plastic panties really  make that difficult....   he he he he
  • beautiful bianca is back, working off a few pounds so her sexy dresses fit just right again.

As you can see, My sissies keep Me amused.  There are many more I will mention in the next post.

Happy 2012,  sissies!

Mistress Cassie