Sunday, January 29, 2012

sissy baby jazzy

I have posted about  little baby jazmine before.  Jason Schmaus was her  boy name,   when, before,  she used to be a boy.  Of course,  sissy baby's are  NOT boys,  never were boys, and never will be men.  

ha ha ha ha ha ha

sissy baby jazmine is a  little sissy girl,  in  diapers and plastic panties.   she sucks dildos, and pees her diapers.

she has a stuffed bunny to sleep with...  and  will never NEVER NEVER NEVER  have a real girlfriend.

sissy jazzy is not allowed to cum.. of course!  babies don't cum.  

poor baby,   ha ha ha ha..  she can't even get her little clitty hard anymore.   what a baby.

ha ha ha ha ha

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