Monday, January 09, 2012

some sissy news

Hi sissy girls!   I thought you might like to hear what I have been  doing lately.  Anyone can easily see,  it has not been posting blogs!   Anyway,  here are some juicy details:

  • punishing sissy diane (who is normally such a good girl)  for being  arrogant and stupid.  you can read all about that on her blog,  Learning sissy humility the hard way
  • sparkle,  the sissy formerly known as kimberly cock sucker,   has  ordered a chastity device.   The CB6000 (I believe that is the instrument of control she ordered) has arrived, and  we have had a first fitting session.  It didn't fit well, so  sparkle is ordering a different part.    
  • rebecca,  a shy and sometimes reluctant sissy,  is  struggling with sending in her femmy pictures.  rebecca  dresses often, almost daily, but only for herself...   now what kind of girly doesn't send her pictures to Mistress Cassie? one who is going to get into trouble!
  • julia,  across the ocean checks in now and then to update Me on her feminization progress.   Don't stop, julia, you must continue to look after your pretty self...
  • sissy gina,  who sometimes is  little faggy greggy is trying to be a man right now.    We all know he is not a man at all.  ha ha ha ha..   not a man at all.
  • baby jazmine is trying to date girls,   but of course, her noisy diapers and plastic panties really  make that difficult....   he he he he
  • beautiful bianca is back, working off a few pounds so her sexy dresses fit just right again.

As you can see, My sissies keep Me amused.  There are many more I will mention in the next post.

Happy 2012,  sissies!

Mistress Cassie

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hello Mistress,

It is so good to see that Your 2012 is off to such a good start. i am so happy to be one of Your sissies & that i help keep You amused. That's a good thing! :o)

A Happy 2012 to You, Mistress.

sissy maid diane