Thursday, March 08, 2012

Spring is coming, a perfect time for sissies

Hello sissies,     do you have your  pretty yellow springtime sissy dresses ready?   How about the other pastel colours?  pink, lavendar, yellow, mint green,  robin's egg blue?    all  such  pretty girly colours.    don't forget, lots of  flowers and ribbons!

I am pleased with the progress of My sissy girls,  and now want  some new pictures to post..  pretty  spring time coloured dresses to show everyone here.

I've been talking to a full range of sissies,    from the little and sweet pretty girls,  all the way up to their older and sluttier big sisters!     Hello   chloe, jenny, amy, beyonce, diane, bianca, jazzmine, vanessa, andi, rikki, rebecca, gina, kim, sparkle, candi, cindy, julia,  trixie,  and sami.     (forgive Me if I have missed your name on this little list)

Be good girls now,  and look after your  pretty  lingerie, your  shoes, and purses.  I want a complete update next time you call.

Mistress Cassie

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hello Mistress Cassie,

Yes, spring is a wonderful season for sissies! And i am so excited to be listed in Your post.

i think it's time i dressed in a spring outfit & submit pictures to You. And i will - soon.

Yours always,
sissy maid diane