Tuesday, April 03, 2012

uggg, computers suck! (just like sissies) hehehe

Hi sissy girls.

Just thought I would leave a post for you tonight.   Are you all being good girls? Pretty girls? Slutty girls?

I've talked to a few of you in the last few days,  and there seems to be some  SLACKERS!

chloe,  who has been having fun shopping for soft sweaters and  silky lingerie  confessed to Me tonight that she has NOT been dressing this week.   Oh,  that is a bad girl.   But no matter.  It is always easy to start up again chloe.  Just put on the panties, and away you go,   all femmy and  pretty again.

sissy queer candii has been a very good girl,  also shopping online for sissy things.   candii and I found the most loveable adult  tutuu's.  They come in every imaginable colour and accessory.  Just perfect for fruu fruu girls!  

sissy jasmine  has been obsessing over  black cocks... what a slutty baby girl!  (and sparkle is always thinking about big black cocks too....)

and, a quick hello to  julia, bianca, amy, abbey, diane, rebecca, beyonce, andi, chrissy, nicki, jackie,  gina,  and all the other  sissy girls.

also,  a quick hello to the cock suckers,  david, jason, jackie, ed, chirstopher, and the rest.

So,   last week, my computer died.  Uggg.   It will take about 11 days before the technicians can diagnose it. WTF?    In the meantime I bought the cheapest laptop I could find... and its working fine,  although  I have to start over collecting all My links and shortcuts, etc.    See sissies,   everyone has to start over sometimes.    Sissies start the feminization process over and over,  and I have to start with a new computer,  again....   :)

I hope to talk to you soon,  sissy girls.  I'll make sure you are mincing along in the most prettiest sissy way.

Mistress Cassie


Anonymous said...

ThankYou Mistress for understanding. i will be ready to start again very soon. i think every re-start brings me deeper and deeper in. Slowly but surely i will become Your best, most devoted sissy sweater whore.

chloe cashmere xxx

Mistress Cassie said...

Hello chloe,
I am glad to see you realize that you will always go deeper and deeper under My forever control.
Take to soon, sweater girl!

Mistress Cassie