Saturday, June 23, 2012

sissy diana: Avon Shopper

I wonder how many other sissies are  Avon Catalogue Shoppers,  like  sissy diana?  

diana asks her Avon Consultant  for feminizing suggestions, and then orders all the girlie things.   So far the list of  purchases includes  make up, nail polish,  high heels, bath and spa products, and a very pretty  baby dolls pajama outfit.    (and many more pretty things too)

good girl,  diana.   I am sure your  dolly,  Princess Jazmin loves to see you  try on and use all of your new girly things!   good sissy.

barely jane: sissy girl

Lets have some fun with  barely jane.  she wants to win the sissy challenge....  hmmmm,  what should she do to earn extra points?

I am going to post a poll,   be sure to vote on it, and barely jane will have to do whatever task has the most votes!  I can add to the poll, so if you have some suggestions, post them here.

oh,  this might be  fun!

sissy jazmine: cocksucker

I see that more sissies want in on the fun!   Look at the message I found on my computer today:;

Sissy Jazmine: Mistress can you
Sissy Jazmine: You please  set me up with the same thing chloe got on ur site, ill suck any cock in Alberta,  Mistress Cassie for you!

There should be lots of  sissy cock sucking going on now....    See  sissy jazmine at  Princess Jason Blog

Thursday, June 21, 2012

chloe cashmere: cocksucker

chloe cashmere: cocksucker: This sissy, chloe cashmere will now suck any men in the UK's cock. Please contact Mistress Cassie to arrange by clicking on Her picture abov...


I have started updating again. The website is very outdated (which is fine for losers) and has served very well in the past. I am transferring over some of the content to the LoserAbuse Blog for now. Soon the old website will be replaced and once again, I will be fucking up the pathetic losers out there. (you know who you are)

 In the meantime, here are a few movie sites for the losers to jack off to. And yes, we all know you are sitting there jerking off looking at the pictures and watching the action. We also all know that's the best you will ever get. Just jacking off watching cheap internet porn. HA HA HA... losers.

Gay Movies
Dominatrix Movies
Fetish Movies
Shemale Movies
Spanking Movies

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mistress Cassie on Niteflirt

This is the new  Niteflirt Call Button for Me.

Click here sissies!

Call Mistress Cassie for Sissy Training Sessions on

Mistress puts sissy to work sucking cocks!

Hello sissies.   I have been thinking about you all, and thought you might like to know how I have been.

I was  one whole month without My laptop,  but it is repaired now (hopefully it continues to work).  
Last week,  I was very busy working with some of My friends on a movie.  My original task was to be set design, but that soon expanded to just about everything....  helping where needed.   It was a lot of fun.  The movie is about  ski racing,  so  this was just some  off season behind the scenes stuff.  Most of it will be made next winter.
Last night,  a very bad thing happened to My car.  Smoke and steam...  now, today,  the mechanic says a there is a leak in the cylinder head gasket.......      What is import for sissies to notice is the word HEAD.  This is important because all My sissies will be  focusing on  giving HEAD.   Yes,   a  sissy blowjob giving festival.   In fact,  I will be pimping out as many of My cock sucking sissies as possible,   to pay for the repairs.   The repair estimate is $2500.   How many blow jobs will that be?

sissy  jazzmine (formerly  sissy baby jazzy)  is now a big girl,   and she will be  sucking cock for Me.   Today,  I granted  sissy jazzmine (boy name  Jason) permission to  come out of chastity to eat cum.   From now on,   jazzy can only remove the chastity device to eat cum....     she is such a slutty sissy now.  I wonder how much  cock she will suck this week?

Hello to all My sissy cock suckers.  This is your BlowJob week.  Get busy on your knees girlies.  I am pimping you out!
Loser jackie told Me this morning that Robert was cumming over for a blowjob today
Timothy has been sucking cock for Me for months,  now he can step up the pace and take  2 or 3 cocks at a time.

I chatted with  julia last night.  She has not sucked a cock yet,  but I am sure she will be  practicing on her dildo for Me.  (julia is a bit of a shy virgin sissy.... for now.....)

Oh, and of course,  sissy queer candii has been deep throating   a big  HUGE  glow in the dark  dildo,  gagging and chocking on cock for Me.

So many sissies,  girly girls and sluts,   bianca,  amy, beyonce, diana, sparklecocksucker, gina,  cindy, candy, suzy, pussylips and more...
So many  faggots,  christopher,  edward,  thomas,  dylan,  nicky,...
So many losers too,  jackie, crybaby, fuckface,   and all the nameless losers too.
So many cocks to suck....

On your knees cock suckers, you car repairs to pay for!