Tuesday, August 21, 2012

chloe cashmere: Officially pimped - sissy phone whore

chloe cashmere: Officially pimped - sissy phone whore: It's finally happened. i'm a slutty phone whore for Mistress Cassie. Everyday i will get all dressed up and wait for Male callers to phon...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pimped Sissies

Hello sissy girls.  chloe has passed this on to Me, and I like it.  I have been talking to julia and chloe about pimping them out as sissy phone sluts, and now we have a way to do so.  Let's see how this works out.

Greedy Sissies: Sluts For Hire!: Pimp Your Sissy:  If you are a Dominant Female who owns* a sissy gurl slave that you would like pimped out on our phone line, contact GreedySnobs or ...

Cuckold Pass for Cheryls

Cocksucker,  one of My long time submissives  has offered a personal sacrifice today.

At one time in her life,  Cocksucker  was  cuckolded by a woman named Cheryl.    As a way to  honor Me, and that Cheryl from her past,  Cocksucker gives a 'lifetime free cuckold pass' to any woman named Cheryl.  What this means is that if at any time in her life, Cocksucker dates another Cheryl,  she will be instantly bound to accept being cuckolded.

Cocksucker also challenges  all of My sissies to choose a name (either from your past, or at random) and make the same Cuckolding Pact.    If  three or more sissies step up and make this Cuckolding Pact,   Cocksucker will make another sacrifice.  (with all women named Paula this time)

So,  who will be next?   Who will come forward and declare a name of Woman for the Lifetime Free Cuckold Pass?    I am going to have fun with this.    Here are a list of woman's names to choose from:
Gail, Joyce, Judy, Eve, Erica, Lindsey, Donna, Marion, Ashley, Michelle, Tracey, Janice, Karen, Samantha, Kathryn.    Or, pick one from your past.   Post in the comments section so we can all see!

Mistress Cassie

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hello sissies

As you can see, I have posted links to some of the recent postings of my slutty sissies, julia, chloe, and diane.  These girliegirls  have been very good  at updating their sissy blogs.    They have also been  patient in waiting for me while I have been unreachable lately.  (I have been knocked on My perfect Mistress Ass with a monster of a cold)        I am happy to say that I am on the mend,  and  ready to continue  pussifying My sissy girls.

Yes, that means you, silly sissy.   you are here, reading,  so excited to see what happens when you fall under My forever sissy trap.  

There is no escape.

you are mine.

now be a good girl,  and put on fresh lipstick,  suck that dildo,  and get ready to learn how to please a Real Man.


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chloe cashmere: Hungry for cocks

chloe cashmere: Hungry for cocks: For any Men. i am a young and slim, convincing sissy slut. All i want is to dress up in pretty clothes and silky underwear and please my Mis...

chloe cashmere: A warning to all sissies

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Juliaslave: feed me

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Juliaslave: cock-sucking whore

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