Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hello sissies

As you can see, I have posted links to some of the recent postings of my slutty sissies, julia, chloe, and diane.  These girliegirls  have been very good  at updating their sissy blogs.    They have also been  patient in waiting for me while I have been unreachable lately.  (I have been knocked on My perfect Mistress Ass with a monster of a cold)        I am happy to say that I am on the mend,  and  ready to continue  pussifying My sissy girls.

Yes, that means you, silly sissy.   you are here, reading,  so excited to see what happens when you fall under My forever sissy trap.  

There is no escape.

you are mine.

now be a good girl,  and put on fresh lipstick,  suck that dildo,  and get ready to learn how to please a Real Man.


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