Sunday, September 16, 2012

sissy baby jason/jazmine from Edmonton Alberta

MistressCassie: okay baby...   what have you been doing today?
Sissy Jazmine: Nothing too much mommy
Sissy Jazmine: Helped my parents with som stuff earlier today
MistressCassie: where you wearing your big thick baby diapers?
Sissy Jazmine: Kind of.. I had 3 on mommy
MistressCassie: ha haha,   what a baby.....
Sissy Jazmine:
MistressCassie: how many are you wearing now?
Sissy Jazmine: 9..
MistressCassie: 9 pairs?  oh my
MistressCassie: fat ass baby
MistressCassie: are they wet diapers?
Sissy Jazmine:  yes it is mommy
Sissy Jazmine: Yes..
MistressCassie: stinky baby
Sissy Jazmine: Im sowwy mommy
MistressCassie: what else are you wearing?
Sissy Jazmine: A babydoll, make up, chastity, butt plug and a bonnet
MistressCassie: HA HA HA HA HA
MistressCassie: and a bonnet.. like the icing on a cupcake..  ha ha ha hah a
Sissy Jazmine:
MistressCassie: what about lipstick?
Sissy Jazmine: Yes mommy
MistressCassie: since you are a ridiculous  sissy baby,  you need lipstick too
MistressCassie: and a big pink bow
Sissy Jazmine: Yes.. Thank you mommy
Sissy Jazmine: <3 p="p">MistressCassie: I think you need to go to Sears or Superstore, and get your baby photos done
Sissy Jazmine:
MistressCassie: sit up on a big soft fuzzy tabletop and get your pictures taken
Sissy Jazmine:
MistressCassie: yes,  with a teddybear, or a dolly too
Sissy Jazmine: Ooh mommy
Sissy Jazmine: Im leaking cum outta my chastity
MistressCassie: you need to make a photo appointment
MistressCassie: and you can show the photographer your leaky diapers too
MistressCassie: maybe he likes  wet babies
MistressCassie: and knows what to do when he pulls out your plug
MistressCassie: ha ha ha ha
Sissy Jazmine:
Sissy Jazmine: Yes mommy
MistressCassie: get used to the chastity though, it  doesn't come off
Sissy Jazmine: Never..???
Sissy Jazmine:
MistressCassie: babies don't need to cum
Sissy Jazmine: Ooohh
MistressCassie: babies don't need orgasms
Sissy Jazmine: Makes baby want to beg mommy to tell everyone about baby again..
MistressCassie: babies cant masturbate
Sissy Jazmine:
MistressCassie: ha ha ha
MistressCassie: I will send your picture to the Edmonton Sun
MistressCassie: ha ha ha
Sissy Jazmine: Please mommy..
Sissy Jazmine: I beg you!
MistressCassie: ha ha ha
MistressCassie: begging will get you into trouble.  HA HA HA dumb baby
Sissy Jazmine: Please oh please mommy
Sissy Jazmine: I beg you...  !
Sissy Jazmine: Pwetty pwetty pweaaase
MistressCassie: ha hahahaha
Sissy Jazmine: Ooh mommu i beg you!! Pleasssee!!
MistressCassie: hmm,  maybe
Sissy Jazmine: Ill do anything please oh please!!  i beg you mommy
MistressCassie: careful what you wish for
Sissy Jazmine: Pleeeaaasse mommy
Sissy Jazmine is typing...
Sissy Jazmine: I beg you like the sissy baby i am please oh pleasse mommy !! I ur humble servant baby jasmine beg you!

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