Tuesday, October 16, 2012

sissy blogs by sissy sluts

-tanya has been working on her blog,   not sure if I can link to it... but will try to.        I just joined  google+ ,  but not quite sure what to do with it, or how to use it... LOL    

-here is an email and  video from slutty tim:  

 Hello Mistress,It's your hypnotized, cock sucking, ass fucked, girly slave Tim. I hope you're doing well, Mistress. Here is the video you commanded me to make of me dancing girly and slutty to Lady Gaga in my new pink thong panties. I hope you like it. I feel se very girly now, Mistress. I love what you've done to me, and I love you. I am, and will always be, your hypnotized girly slave, Mistress. I will always obey, Mistress,
With greatest love and obedience,
slave tim.

- slut rod  sent these 2 emails:
Mistress, After our session the other day, I immediately starting looking for cock. All of my prospects on Craigslist did not work out even the I tried very hard to hookup with somebody. I started getting that apprehensive feeling again. I'm still looking for prospects, but not as hard. Do I need more conditioning? How would a trigger work when you plant it? How do you well, trigger it? Please understand, my desire is to eventually get fucked and used in whatever a man or men wants to satify his cravings. Your willing cockslut.
Mistress, Thank you for the phone session today. I'm am trying to get out the door to find men without my wife getting suspicious. I am wanting cock so bad right now I can hardly stand it. I don't care who I find, I just want them to use me for their pleasure, not mine. My pleasure will come from hearing their moans and groans and their satisfaction of shooting a huge load. I want to do whatever they tell me. Even now I hear your voice in my head. I don't know what to do yet when my wife wants sex, it is not my desire. Under your control, Faggot Rod

- sissy baby jasmine has sent Me this pictures...  but, since baby jasmine is a very bad baby, prone to falsehoods, I don't know if they are her real pictures or not.  They are very pretty, and I like them, so I will post them for everyone to see.:

I have also been talking to      Rebecca,  loserjackie, faggots greggy, chris and ed, and of course sissypanties and   julia and chloe and  sarah.

So,  sissy girls and naughty fags, who has updated their blogs?  (Me finally)  I will  feature your blogs if you send Me the links.

Mistress Cassie


Anonymous said...

Mee MEE mee, I've updated my blog !!

Anonymous said...

Whoever the pretty sissy is in the pink - i think she has a clitty i could actually be coerced into sucking.