Thursday, December 13, 2012

in which we talk about feminization

Hello sissies,
This is a busy month for everyone,  Me included.   I am going away for Christmas,   just a few days I think, but  in the meantime,  I must get ready.    That means I need to talk to each and everyone one of you about  your sissification progress this year,  and our plans for next year.
I need to be sure you are ready for all the fun over the holidays, and that you are keeping your grooming up. Yes,  you must continue to be good sissy girls for Me.

I had an interesting call last night with "sissy panties"!  We usually talk about all the frills and ruffles and lace I dress her up in. " sissy panties" loves  pink and absolutely adores  lacey frilly ruffly froufrou panties.   The frillier the better.

I wonder how  sissy chloe is this weekend.    I think she is out shopping for  sexy fuzzy pink sweaters and  short tight pink pencil skirts.

sissy julia  is snowed under.  I told her to show her panties to the men her neighborhood and they would be happy to help her shovel the sidewalks.  LOL

slutty amy  is ready to have an escort come over and dominate her.    I am going to be sure it is a shemale escort and that she gets what she NEEDS.  

I expect  sissy rebecca to be wearing panties everyday,  even to work under her old boy clothes.   panties and stockings that is.

who have I missed in this list?  lots.

Here are a few pics of sissy baby jazzmine...       so frilly!

Here is a video from slutty tiana:

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