Thursday, February 28, 2013

GO Rebecca GO!!

I have been talking to a beautiful girl named Rebecca for years.    Like most of the sissies I know,  she wants to be a woman.    She really wants to be a real woman,  complete with surgery.   Also, like most of you, she holds back, keeping her feminine self hidden away and denied.
Through hypnosis, and other wicked tricks and controls,  I have pushed, pulled, dragged, threatened and encouraged Rebecca to live her dream.

Last year, Rebecca got her nerve up, obeyed, and made the call to  Dr.Anne  Lawrence,   to discuss some feminization options.   It was very exciting and scary.   And it was pushed to the back burner, the dream left unfilled again.

Since that time,  I have talked to Rebecca now and then, through varying levels of excitment and dread,   the ups and downs or  what could be,  what should be,  what is,... etc.    I know all of the gurls reading this know what I mean.  The constant self talk of who am I,  who should I be,  what if,  what if?

Anyway,  last week,  Rebecca was ready to again make the call to Dr. Lawrence.   I know Rebecca only  half way thought she would actually go through with it,   but the Dr got the message, and called Rebecca back that evening at her home!  (CAUGHT!!)  

Rebecca has an appointment scheduled next week to meet with the doctor  to discuss hormone therapy, and where to go from here.

I am so very proud that Rebecca has taken this step, and I am  very STRICTLY encouraging her to not miss the appointment.  In fact,  I will use all the information I have at My disposal to ensure Rebecca does not chicken out.    

Lets all cheer Rebecca on.  Get out your pompoms and cheerleader skirts and  encourage your sister!   She is going to need lots of encouragement.

Bravo Rebecca,
do not let us down.

Mistress Cassie

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